Friday, September 23

My Writing Hiatus

I've been on hiatus this week, trying to see if the characters of my current wip would come out to play. BIG surprise. All of my characters from all of my half started stories are screaming for attention. Every last one. Jude and Kalyste. Allen and Kamala. Deliliah and Demitri. And my latest two, Lucien and Astrid. They're all yelling, "Me first!" Lucien has become the loudest. He's a secodary character from my last story, Dreamers. I don't know if I'm ready to deal with him yet. He has a bit of a nasty temper, and is a loud mouth. He also has the hardest story.
So right now, I'm letting them all fight it out in my head and will try to figure out which one has impreesed me the most. So far, Kalyste and Jude, from Life After is in the lead. Even the secondary character, Ella is putting her two cents in. I'm getting excited about writing again. Now, if only everyone would wait their turn.


  1. I have a chubby boy named Neal who smells of Cheetos that keeps yapping in my brain to write his story. SHUT UP NEAL! I don't write middle grade stories. Find another author, you little punk.

  2. I'm ready for more Kalyste and Jude--bring it on.

  3. Em, that is too funny. Margie, I'm ready for Jude and Kalyste too!

  4. LOL at Em.
    I like all your people, Shawn. Bring them on. I want to read them.

    I have the same prob, by the way.

  5. I'm totally with you. I'm writing my second series novel and all the characters are yelling for my attention. I hope you get it all sorted in the end.