Monday, September 19

On The Road Again

I've hit the road again - or rather, the e-highway - on a blog tour for my latest release. It is EXHAUSTING! I don't know how authors did it back in the day traveling for real around the country. Do you want to know what makes it so hard? Making myself sound interesting.

All you really want to do is get people to read your blurb, like it, and immediately rush off to buy the book. But on a blog tour, there are all sorts of interviews. And that is when you start to question yourself. Is my life actually interesting to someone who has never met me? Do they truly want to know where I'm from and what book I'm reading right now? The pressure sets in to make every answer witty, and at least every other one humorous. Each response feels like an extended job interview, trying to sell the unseen masses on me, rather than just on the merits of my book. Or, like an endless series of first dates (without even a fancy dessert paid for by someone else as my reward for getting through each one).

When you stop by blogs, are you genuinely curious about the writing process? Whether I plot or not, whether I write at midnight or at dawn? Let me know what you've always wanted to learn from a writer, and I promise to work it into an upcoming jaunt across the blogosphere.


  1. I'm interested in all of it - but then, I'm a writer and I like to know what works for other writers...because, while my process is working now, I may someday have to adjust and.... Yeah, you get the picture. Gives me ideas. :) Good luck with the tour.

  2. I like getting a little insight into a writer's life. It helps to know what makes them tick . I also have to admit I've stopped reading some authors books when they've come off as unlikable in social media, blogs, etc.

  3. I like to hear about other authors' lives. But I gotta be honest, and say if I think they're only there to sell me their book, I'm out.

  4. Yeah, I like to hear about their process, but I also like to know their favorites: movies, books, tv, and outside interests. I don't know why, I guess I'm inherently nosy ;)

    And seeing as you do lots of cool stuff--ziplining anyone? you'll always have something new and original to say.