Monday, October 10

Does Everything Come Back to Writing?

I hosted a poker game at my house this weekend. Along with my husband, two of my chapter-mates brought their hubbies along. We had dinner, played cards, discovered insanely good carmel corn....and talked about writing.

Don't get me wrong - we tried not to, I swear! Our husbands are all incredibly patient men who valiently put up with lots of romance related activities. They accompany us to our conferences (where of course the only topic is romance writing), they support us at signing events (where of course the only topic is romance writing), and even come to hear us speak at book festivals (where...of course...the only topic is books). But poker, well, that sounded like a night off to them. A night where they could throw some cards and just be normal, testosterone fueled guys.

We tried soooo hard to be normal couples, talking about THEIR work, movies, the Yankees falling out of contention. But (and I've mentioned this before) writing is such a solitary endeavor that whenever another author comes within five feet, we start blabbing. I've decided it is an uncontrollable side effect of being an author. We made it all of ten minutes into the evening before sidetracking into a Dear Author controversy. Then I started to feel guilty, and righted the conversational ship. That lasted until dinner, when critique groups came up. We even tried talking about Big Love, and I couldn't help but bring up a book (what was I thinking?!?!) I'm reading called The Lonely Polygamist. You see the pattern developing?

I've come to the conclusion that yes, indeed, everything will find its way back to the topic of writing when authors are together. We're starved for water-cooler chat, Twitter notwithstanding. And as long as you are married to men as terrific as ours, that's okay. What about you guys - are you struck with this affliction, too?


  1. Well, since men seem to always bring the conversation 'round to sports...I think it's quite normal that we bring the conversation back 'round to books/writing... ;)

  2. I problably would if I knew any writers to invite to my house. When I'm with my hubby and his co-workers, they spend the whole time talking about work.

  3. I have no local writers to talk to. It's sad and lonely.

  4. My bff who is a writer--a lot of times we talk it--and my other friends who aren't will ask me how my book is going and cheer on my requests and accomplishments.

    Although, it'd be great to get with a group of writers who I enjoyed as much as you enjoy yours :)

  5. I'm more in D'Ann's situation and the truth is that it's mostly self-imposed because I always want the interaction when *I* want it, which may not be when anyone else does.

    Great post!