Tuesday, October 25

The Mesa

My daughter Brandi and I love Grand Mesa more than any other place. It's filled with lakes, streams, plenty of riding trails that wind through pines and aspens. We go as often as we can. Not a far drive, about 45 minutes, it is still hard to get away as often as we'd like. If it were up to us we'd go every day.

This pic is from our last trip up there, about two weeks ago. It's not likely we will visit again this year. Snow clouds are hovering today, and will probably unleash on the mountains.

Still, I'm dying to go today. Itching to go take pictures, look for that elusive moose we've been searching for all summer.

But there's too much to do around here to justify one last trip up to the Mesa. We need to clean and sort tack. We're remodeling our house, so that takes precedence over a trip.

It's the same way with Branded.

It's done. Well...the first draft is done. Now comes the part I hate, the rewriting and revising. Ugh. Some people love this part, I hate it. I want to go the Mesa instead.

I'm dying to move onto the next thing. I have a new story itching to be written, and like the Mesa, it's calling me like a siren.

But I should do the right thing, stay home and work. Do the rewrites first, then move on to the new one.


Or, could I sneak in a few sentences on the new project? Or maybe go the Mesa?


  1. Do both. Start your new MS while your're re-writing Branded. That's what I do. Of course there is the occasional odd butler showing up or the hero's name gets switch. But that can be caught in the revision.


  2. I always feel the same way about rewriting. The fun part was the writing of it. Now, I have to tell my muse to hush for a bit and quit whispering things about the next great story she has in mind.

    But to have a place like the Grand Mesa would make rewriting even harder!

    Even at this moment, I'm staring at a chapter and getting nowhere, as I contemplate doing anything but fixing it. I need some glue for my butt to this chair, lol.

    So, I don't think I'm going to be much help in making you do rewriting.

  3. Do both. I generally do revisions as I write so when I'm done it's clean. But sometimes I do them after or I go back through and decide to add more in places I find skimpy but I always take a two day break after writing just to get my mind on something else. About MS two I usually have two I do almost at the same time or at least started.

  4. I'm like you, D'Ann--hate revisions. Lol, after the rough draft, I feel like I should be done. Since I know the whole story almost by word at that point, the creative 'spark' is gone for me.

    Sounds like you need a break from Branded. Maybe work for a week or so on another project, then you'll come back to Branded refreshed.

  5. LOL...you are a naughty girl by nature D'Ann.

    I love the revision stage. I like how I can add and tweak here and there and really make the story shine. Of course after looking at your picture, I'd be pretty darn tempted to sneak off to the Mesa too..and I'd have no desire to remodel or sort tack.

    I was a whole lot of help wasn't it? lol

  6. Sometimes you need a break. A mini trip to the Mesa might be just the thing. On the other hand, I agree with Ella. I've often started something else while doing revisions.

    The thing I hate most about revisions, is I'm so familiar with the story, I overlook things. Or I get wound up (rushing) so I can get on to the next thing.

    If I were your pyschiatrist, I'd say take a mini-break and refresh yourself.

  7. I vote for the Mesa. While you stroll through that gorgeous vista your brain can ponder rewrites. While others will disagree - the book can wait - it's a glorious day - enjoy. Winter is long and hard.

    You do that we're all jealous of the scenery and your horse back rides!!!! :-)

  8. I'd love to visit the Mesa with you some time - that is a beautiful pic!! I say do both - 10 pages of revisions = 1 chapter or scene in the new book. Rewards work wonders for me.

  9. Absolutely beautiful pic, D'Ann! If I wrote as good of first drafts as you did I would probably hate revisions too! But, my first drafts are awful so I love the revisions. The first draft is actually the part I hate! Great post.

  10. I hate revisions too and that basically what I've been doing all summer. I'm so ready to move on to another MS. That's why I'm excited about NaNo. I've missed writing just for the sheer pleasure of it, not having to edit or revise something so everything else will fit.

  11. My suggestion: take a short trip to the Mesa before rewriting. It will be restorative and provide you with a fresh prospective.

    Jacqueline Seewald
    The truth sleuth
    Tea leaves and tarot cards

  12. I'm a lover of revisions. Once I have the story down, I feel I can relax and indulge by adding more details, settings, get deeper into pov. Even take scenes out that don't move the story forward--even add cool scenes I didn't think of while writing the rough.
    But one thing about myself is I can't concentrate on too many things at once. I can't start another story until I know I have my current one where I like it.

  13. Hi D'Ann ~ I LOVE doing my revisions! Not having to expend energy creating, I feel I can go crazy with dpov, attaching those floating body parts, kicking words that drag the story's pace to the poop pile, etc.

    And I know YOU. The creater in you is itching to start a new story. If anyone can multi-task on writing & editing, it's you. And when you have the next NYT best seller tapping your brain louder than a woodpecker, maybe it's time to listen.

    You might hear your thoughts better if you ride out to Grand Mesa...

  14. One of the reasons I love revisions is that I become a prima donna while I'm doing them. I don't cook, clean, or do anything else I don't want to. We've been known to spend weekends in hotels because I have fun working there.

    So, go to the Mesa. Just take your ms. with you (print it out if you need to do that to work there) and sit at that beautiful spot where you took that picture. Drink something delicious. And work.

  15. D'Ann, down here in New Zealand, our seasons are opposite to yours. Spring is putting on a glorious show at the moment and making me realize just how much I've missed a warm breeze on my face. The winter was long and cold (and we don't even get snow here). So my advice, before you head into those hard bleak days, is to take one last visit to the Mesa. It looks like a place of utter peace and tranquility and I can only imagine it will soothe your soul and fire up your muse for those re-writes.
    Happy writing - Amanda

  16. D'Ann - I can relate. I don't like revisions so much. I prefer to write a perfect piece of prose the first time. LOL Do you get the sense I'm destined for disappointment?

    Enjoy The Mesa. Then get back to work.

  17. Beautiful pic, D'Ann!

    If you can, I'd suggest do both. I've done that and it works okay. But I'm an odd bird.... If I really love a story, I hate letting it go. I love to do revisions because, as Brenda (I think) said, I can relax and have fun with the story.

    But there's something to be said about going to something new and then coming back to do revisions or doing them at the same time.

    So, can you sneak a side trip in to Mesa and still get everything done?

  18. I like revisions. It's where I can mold and shape my story and add feelings and go deeper into POV. Do you have a laptop? If you do you could take it to Mesa and maybe being in a place you love will help with revisions. Or you could use it as a treat for meeting goals. :)

  19. What a beautiful pic.
    How about both:)

  20. Thank you, everyone, for coming by!

    I didn't make it to the mesa, we painted all day long. Ugh.

  21. I try to do rough revisions first, then leave the project to cool for awhile before going back for another run-through ... giving me enough time to start on the next project.

  22. I'd go to Mesa and get inspired, things to me seem to not be as bad when your away from home.
    But I love vacationing,
    BTW beautiful picture,

  23. I was going to say, go the Mesa too.

    But, then I didn't realize painting was on the table.

    For me, painting is a thinking exercise. My brain seems to percolate while dealing with the monotony of the chore.

    I love the call of a new-story siren.

  24. I don't mind 1st revisions as much as I hate reading my own story for the third time. That's when I start writing something else.