Thursday, October 20

Why I write

Where else can you be the person of your dreams doing the job of your dreams and having it all wrap up happily ever after--or at least a good attempt at it.

Besides being a NYT best-selling author with big buck advances, my dream job is--or my dream jobs are:

A spy. At least someone in intelligence. Or someone of intelligence. I want to be trusted with national secrets---although there's a really good reason why I'm not. I want to be kick-ass, quick-thinking, and speak a variety of languages like Sydney Bristow.

An archeologist. The thought of finding something rare and unique really appeals to me. However, the sand in my hair and the sun beating down on my back, not so much.

A travel reporter, ala Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel. I love the places she goes, the people she meets, the off-the-beaten path places she finds.

Treasure hunter--except for the part where they mostly are deep-sea divers and I'm afraid of water and can barely swim. Do treasure hunters like Nic Cage really exist, because I could do that. In my dreams.

And these are some of the reasons I write. To become the person in my dreams, at least for the duration of a book.

What's your dream job???


  1. I want to be Nora Roberts.

    Or a travel writer--Rick Steves' backup.

    Or a doctor, except it would require seeing blood, which wouldn't work for me.

    Or an actress on Broadway who only works a few months a year because the city would hem me in pretty soon.

    Or a short woman who lives back a lane and writes stories and sews...oh, wait a minute, that's me.

    Fun post, Margie!

  2. My dream job has always been that of a published author. How could I go wrong with something I love and am going to do regardless?

  3. I've wanted to own my own cattle ranch as long as I've known what one was.

    A prima ballerina.

    A rock star, specifically Ann Wilson of Heart.

    A harem girl, yeah, I know. Really.

    A supermodel. Like that would ever happen...

    A movie of the old time glamorous ones.

    A farmer.

    A writer.

    A rider.

    Like Liz said, those last three are me...pretty cool, huh?

  4. Okay, the boring answer: I have my dream job... Freelance writer and (because I'm thinking positive lately) soon-to-be published romance author and mom to bebe.

    And now for the not-so-boring answer: I always thought it would be amazing to make it as a network (NBC/ABC/CBS Nightly News) reporter or maybe a foreign correspondent. Because a reporter, like a writer, can experience a multitude of 'jobs' without settling on just one. :)

  5. An international food critic. I have a food obsession.