Thursday, November 3

Cut Loose

Tuesday afternoon, my sister, mom, and I went to the Footloose remake. Just for the record, I resisted this at first. There are some movies that just don't need to be remade. Footloose is one of those. Or so I thought. And then I saw it.

To start off, I just want to confess, I loved the new Footloose. I think it might be one of the best remakes I've seen in a long time. Seeing as Parent Trap is another one, I'm totally crediting Dennis Quaid. Let's admit it, he makes a way hotter father-figure than John Lithgow.

But that wasn't the only improvement. Yes. Improvement.

That's why the remake worked. It took a great story, tweaked it, and improved it.

In the new version, the car wreck that shocks the population of Bomont is shown at the beginning so the viewer feels the horror and devastation of the small town. Ren's uncle is supportive and almost encouraging of Ren. And Ren's mother died after a luekemia battle which gives Ren substance and a connective thread to the Reverend who lost his son.

These changes while minor on the surface--most of the key scenes remained; Willard still can't dance and learns to a new version of Let's Hear It For the Boy, sneaking out of town to dance at a country bar that doesn't seem to card obvious minors, and Ren quoting the Bible at a town council meeting--were just what the script doctor ordered.

I've been going through beta comments on my novel and reworking the things that didn't pan out and rewriting scenes--particularly those close to the end. I've come to realize that I just had to cut loose and look at it with new eyes. And I'm hoping those edits--deleting a Challenge scene, adding a new scene, cutting back a character, and plumping up the end reveal--will take a good story and turn it into a great story. A sale-able story.

Nano count: 1870: two days, not enough but on my way.


  1. Hmm? So you would you be eyeloose? Congrats on sticking with NaNo. I'm going to the movies tonight, maybe I'll catch Footloose.

  2. Well, I gotta agree that Dennis Quaid's hotter than Lithgow, and I haven't seen the movie yet so I'll withhold judgment, but I'm still voting for the original Parent Trap (I wanna be Maureen O'Hara in my next life--well, at least look like her.)

    Good post.

  3. Liz, don't get me wrong. I loved the original Parent Trap--Brian Keith was the father I wanted to have at times, he never seemed to yell at his the remake was better than I thought it would be and I loved it, especially Dennis Quaid...In grade school, I read and reread the scholastic version of Parent I was resistant to the new one, except for the Quaid factor.

    Yeah, I might have a little crush, there :)

  4. Em--if you see Footloose, check back and let me know what you think. Or if you see something great, let me know that too. I'm always up for a good movie. My husband wants to see Tower Heist next Tuesday--which is $5 day at two of our theaters.

    thanks for the NaNo well wishes, but it's early. If I'm still in the running in a couple of weeks..that'll be an accomplishment

  5. Margie, I haven't seen the new footloose, either...but it's on my list for the reason (Dennis Quaid...yum!) you mentioned!

  6. Haven't seen the new Footloose either. I thought the old one was okay. Loved both versions of The Parent Trap, but the original was my fave. Good luck with NaNo!

  7. Thanks you guys, obviously Footloose got a thumbs up from me (and my mom and sister) so if you get the chance, I totally recommend it.