Thursday, November 10

Good Weather Vibes

It's a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest today. Bright sunshine, high clouds, and 60 degrees. People are lunching outside and I'm inside writing.

I can write in almost any kind of weather. Living in the NW, I don't really have a choice. One day it can be like today, crisp and warm and then next, raining buckets. In fact, I think next week the rain is coming.

If weather dictated my writing, I'd never get anything done. Or I'd get a lot done, depending on if rain was my writing instigator.

Today I've written over 3K, edited and moved things around--creating a Bix Beta3 version of my novel. I've also mapped out the finale challenge which has become a paintball version of Chutes and Ladders combined with Capture the Flag--thank God for graph paper and colored pens. I wonder if JK Rowling has pencil grams of key scenes in her books, say like the first Quidditch scene?

Now off to hopefully add another 1000 words or so to my NANO project. Word count right now?
7655. Still behind where I should be, but I'm okay with that. I've made the progress I wanted.

Have a great weekend. I know it's Thursday, but tomorrow's my Monday, so I'm wishing all of you the best. Happy writings.


  1. Wow. I haven't gotten that much done in...never mind. A long time. Glad you're having the pretty weather. It spit snow here today and I didn't exercise, but I did write some!

  2. Wow! That's a lot of writing. Good luck on your nano project.

  3. You're a trouper. Congrats on plowing through. Have a great weekend

  4. Congrats on the NaNo total, Margie! I'm stuck at about 4000 words on my NaNo project...but I'm hoping I get a push over the weekend to get me back on track.

  5. Nice job, Margie. Anxious to see your new stuff!

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