Friday, November 11

It's Gettig Cold Outside

This week we're talking about how the weather effects our writing. I never get much writing done in the spring or summer months. Whenever it's pretty outside, I feel like I have to be out there enjoying the fresh air. Besides, there's too much to do in Atlanta during the spring and summer. Festivals, screen on the green, free outside concerts. The list goes on.

Winter is a perfect writing season for me. I hate to be out in the cold. I'd rather stay in where it's warm and toasty. I absolutely love to write when it snows, but that doesn't happen here much. Strange, most of my stories take place in the spring or summer. During the cold months, I can sit in front of the computer for hours, and not feel like I've missed a thing.

I also like to write when it rains.The rhythmic tap on the roof is like a form of white noise but keeps me from getting distracted. I can't write in complete silence. I find perfect silence kind of creepy. It's why I have to go the sleep with the TV on.

So here's to my favorite writing time of year. It's already started to get cold. Let the writing marathons begin.


  1. You're right, Shawn - the rhythmic sound of rain, etc. *is* white noise! I'm a music writer, as you know, complete silence weirds me out! Here's to a productive winter season!

  2. I envy writers who need noise! It took me forever to be able to write again once the nest emptied, but once I learned, I need near-total silence. Good post, Shawn.

  3. Love to write in the rain, and often feel there's too much to do on a sunny day to be inside writing. Then we moved to the high plains, where rain is a rare miracle and the sun shine nearly all the time. Tried writing at night but mostly fell asleep at the keyboard!

  4. Thanks for stopping by. I think the reason I have to have noise is because I'm a scaredy-cat. Complete silence reminds me of scenes in horror movies. Mona, you sound a lot like me.

  5. I like it warm out and write early in the morning. If it's too cold, I feel like curling up in a blanket and not moving. Rainy days are good for writing too but make me sleepy.

  6. Good post!

    I like to write in the winter, too. I used to write late into the night during the summer, but it doesn't happen much anymore.