Friday, November 18

I've got a secret. My downstairs closet has three folders almost bursting open. Two floppy disks have five stories on them. I have four stories on a flash drive and one on my hard drive. So what's the big secret? All of them contain the same story! I have no idea which one contains the original.

Here's the deal. Once I started to learn how to write, I hated my original story so much, I was about to delete it. Hubby caught me, and backed it up in as many different ways as he could find. He thought maybe one day I would regret it. He even has a copy on his office computer. It may chafe my ass to say this, but he was right. No, I have no plans to go back and fix it. It's a mess. But I have used parts in stories I'm working on now. I even have a folder on a flash drive marked 'scrap pile.'

It's the only story I've ever finished, besides the one I have coming out in January. I've got four other stories waiting in the wings that are on a flash drive, an external hard drive, and in e-mail folders.

Do you have a scrap pile? What do you do with your old stories?


  1. LOL Your husband's out to save you from yourself!

  2. A scrap pile, what a great idea. I've got bits and pieces of stories from as long ago as 1972. Well, that one I had to scan the typwritten copy and convert to word. Whenever I get a new computer I transfer everything from the old to the new. I've got every version if every story I ever wrote.

    When a really cool scene or character or plot hits me I write it down, you never know when you can use something.

    Now If I could just remember where I put them.

  3. For Bix, I have an outtake folder and good gravy, it's at 26K words. But, I may need one of those scenes one of these days.

    I also have an idea folder--that's one of my favorites to go through when I need a little inspiration or just a break.

    Btw, your husband is frakking fantastic.

  4. Your husband is a *definate* keeper (as if you didn't know that already)!

    I do have a Scrap Pile...can't delete anything, so I cut-and-paste. You never know.

  5. Awesome husband! He's a keeper!
    I do have a scrap folder, and I often use things from it in other mss. I also use things from old mss in new ones. I figure until I'm sold, why not use a 4-H kid in my mss? Or every heroine loves Australian shepherds? Why not?

    Good post, Shawn.

  6. Hubby was smart! I'm so glad you kept them, even if can't tell which is which.

    I keep everything. The worst. The duds. The "OMG I wrote THAT?" Everything. You just never know!