Monday, November 7

Weather or not...

Oh the weather outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful,
And since we've no place to go,
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

No, it’s not snowing yet. Matter of fact, the weather’s been unseasonably beautiful here in North Central Nowhere. It’s been great for my exercise program—I walk; don’t be asking me to bend and fold muscles that haven’t moved since 1989—and the colors have been even more gorgeous than usual. The sun shines most days, a happy event for me, so I should be very, very productive.

But I’m not.

Since I’ve given this business of weather-effect-on-writing some thought, I think I’m a foul-weather writer. I’ve reached this conclusion by process of elimination.

When we go on vacation to the beach, which we try to manage at least every year or two, I take my laptop, my memory sticks, and everything else I can think of to get some work done while we’re there. Since I’m a morning person and always get up before anyone else, I plan to spend my early hours of aloneness on the deck with a cup of something hot, writing. And I do some of that. I get up early. I sit alone on the deck. With a cup. And the laptop. I open it, and then—DOLPHINS! ARE THOSE DOLPHINS? LOOK, EVERYBODY, DOLPHINS!

We spend the occasional weekend at state parks, too. They’re quiet and beautiful. I take my laptop to a quiet place to create. I mean, honestly, how could one not create in this relaxing place? Oops, let me get my coffee and I’ll—WATCH HIM! IS ANYBODY WATCHING THIS KID, FOR GOODNESS SAKE? HE’S GONNA GO EYEBROWS OVER TOENAILS DOWN THOSE STAIRS ANY MINUTE!

Even though I’m retired, I count on weekends as writing time. It’s just a habit I haven’t broken. When we go away—and the weather’s always good when we travel—I get to write in motel dining areas in those early hours. I love doing this. I try and hit the room about 5:30, when the coffee’s done but no one else will be there unless there’s another writer around. She and I grin at each other, raise our cups in silent salute, and get busy. Until a man with compromised hearing comes into the room and finds the remote control for the television that’s on the wall in all motel lobbies. He changes channels, but before that, he turns it ups so that THE PEOPLE IN THE GAS STATION ACROSS THE STREET CAN HEAR EVERY WORD.

And there you have it. Bring on that frightful weather, when I’ll sit in my rocker with my lap desk, laptop, and hot chocolate and write and write and write. If it’s snowing, I’ll look out and smile and plan to watch old Christmas movies later on, when my writing muse has settled in for a nap. If it’s raining, I’ll ignore it, other than enjoying the sound of it on the roof. If it’s storming, I ignore that, too—except for a flinch now and then.

It seems that when the world outside my window is less than perfect, I’m better at creating a world in book form that is more to my liking. What about you? When are you most productive?


  1. Ha ha! Oh Liz...I can SO relate. Your story could be mine. Plus, I have grandkids too. Over the years, I've learned to thwart those ever interfering thoughts. Now I get up at 4:30. At that hour, my the writer part of my brain is awake, while the rest of my brain is quiet, still snoozing.

  2. Yup, Em. I'm right here with you! Plus, I think it's starting to rain--what could be better? Thanks for stopping.

  3. I'm so with you, Liz! Good weather distracts me. Sometimes I can zone in, but usually it's one tooth-pulling sentence at a *hey, what's that squirrel doing?* time. Bad weather? I can glance up from time to time and otherwise focus on the WIP.

  4. IF this were true for me, I'd be way more productive, because our summer didn't arrive until mid-July this year. We had an especially wet year this year, but I guess living in the NW, you learn to adjust your life around the rain, which is why I can write in almost weather condition--the good, the bad, the ugly :)

    I always take my writing equipment on vacation thinking I'll write and rarely do I. Although I blame it more on the vacation itself, than the weather.

  5. Well, I sort of relate to what you say Liz. I got up very early on Sat. and it was a stunning frosty morning. Powered up my laptop and...looked out of the window. Great photo opportunity? Yep! Late afternoon today got back to my desk after domestic stuff like making a (Dundee-ie loads of dried fruit and rum) Christmas Cake and guess what? A stunning cold sunset! More photos! Check my blog for them in the next couple of days. When do I write? sort of in between....

  6. LOL Liz,
    That is exactly why I don't expect to write much on vacation. There are always dolphins, or elk, or a cowboy on the dance floor... Ahem. I'm easily amused I guess and the world simply has too much stimulation for my creativity. Up at 5am and writing until I absolutely have to stop or have all my loved ones angry, works for me, rain or shine.

  7. Lol, Liz! This post sounds exactly like me. I can get distracted by the smallest thing. Bad weather means ample writing time.

  8. I prefer to write late at night. No one is around I'm all alone. My muse says let's play now. Early morning never. I hate mornings. I'm a night owl all the way. I can work late but not early. To write at 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning, I'd still be up from the night before lol. Anyother night owls out there?