Friday, November 4

The Writing Chaos

This month, I had to sit down and get my writing life organized. I was slipping into a web of chaos. Usually, chaos is something that I can handle, but this a whole new can of worms. I was trying to juggle writing, promotion ideas, and day job roles. It wasn't working. I was always exhausted, and in the end, not accomplishing much. Hubby has become my lifeline. He's helping me keep track of upcoming promotional obligations. Hubby also did my book trailer and banner for a promotional website blog in January.

During the week, all I do is write. Weekends is for setting up promotions. Don't plan on promoting ad nauseum, just enough to be seen.(Hopefully). I now have office hours. Time when no one is allowed to disturb me. Hubby has become security in that department.

Funny, but my upcoming release has made me stick to a routine. I really have to look at this as a business. I've noticed that since adopting a routine I have extra time that I didn't have when I was letting the chaos rule. I guess being organized really does have its perks. It also helps to have hubby in my corner, and for that, I am truly grateful.


  1. Good for you for controlling the chaos. Managing time and clutter is essential not only writers, but all those who work out of their home. Good luck on your upcoming release.

  2. DEFINITELY good for you, and for your room mate, too, for being so supportive.

  3. Yay, you for finding a schedule that works for you! I've gotten really out of schedule lately and it's made me cranky - long before the blechiness of the past 24 hours. Keep working on, Shawn, and good things will keep coming to you! :)