Thursday, December 22

Thank you, Mr. Ray

As you've already read, this week we're talking about advice--good and bad--that's helped us along the way.

The best piece of advice--bar none--came from my ninth grade journalism teacher, Mr. Ray. When I was in school, ninth grade was the final grade of junior high. And the school paper consisted of sports reports, student body elections, and columns like "Where do you see yourself in ten years?" Or "Who did????".

I was forcasting for high school--when you select the classes you'd like to take. Mr. Ray asked if I was going to sign up to take the Journalism class. I wasn't sure because I was super-super-duper shy and I couldn't imagine taking that step of bravery. That's not what I told Mr. Ray, I probably just hemmed and hawed.

Mr. Ray called my mom at home and told her that I shouldn't be allowed to give up my writing. That she should do anything to convince me to stick with it. Something like, "It would be crime if Margie were to give up writing."

So, my mom made me sign up for the journalism class. Mr. Ray called the school paper adviser and got me admitted on the paper in conjunction with taking Journalism 1 during the first semester.

Over the years, his words have been the whisper in my ear when I most get discouraged. To think this teacher, who I only had for one year, saw something in me--something that I didn't even recognize at the time--and that he believed in me before I knew there was something to believe in myself.

Mr. Ray gave me the best advice ever. Don't give up your writing or on yourself.


  1. And he was certainly right about you, Margie!

  2. Have you ever tried to contact him to tell him you're now writing books? I think he would like that.

  3. Aren't you glad he made you sign up for that class?

  4. I love that! Aren't teachers great? And I agree with Liz - he was certainly right about you! :)

  5. Sharon--Unfortunately, I never got the opportunity--he died before I realized I could write a novel.

    And Shawn--yes, I was grateful I signed up for the class. It was the one thing remotely social I did in high school.

    Liz and Kristi--ahh shucks, you warm my heart

  6. Yay, Mr. Ray! So glad for you he was supportive. He was what teachers are supposed to be. Happy Holidays!

  7. Good for that teacher! I never had one like that until college. Dr. Sue Curry. She was amazing. I worshipped her because she saw what your Mr. Ray did.

    And he was right, by the way!