Saturday, December 10

Welcome Emma Lai

Hello, Emma, and welcome to Word Wranglers. We’re so glad to have you join us! Are you buried deep in the holidays right now or is it life as usual?

I’m buried deep in the holidays. I’ve been happily shopping instead of writing and can report that my Christmas gift list has been taken care of. The downside is that I still keep coming up with new ideas for more gifts, like what I have isn’t enough. Told my husband he should take my debit card away, but since he loves Christmas, he just smiled and said, “No.” So, I’m trying to exercise restraint and do more work.

Where would you like to be in ten years—both writing- and life-wise?

Ten years, huh? I don’t do long-term planning like that generally. I am in the midst of considering graduate schools for a PhD, and if I commit then hopefully in ten years, I’ll have my doctorate in political science and be teaching at a university. Alternately, my family will be traveling the world and writing about our experiences. As for my fiction career, I’d like to see my YA published by that time. I’m planning on completing the first in the series next year and shopping it to agents.

Do you have a favorite author who has been an unwitting mentor to you?

I love the worlds of Tolkien, Feist and Erikson. Their skills at crafting alternate realities and writing memorable characters are amazing. I’m nowhere near their level though.

Any tips on writing?

Layer. Layer. Layer. I don’t outline so my first pass through is to capture the essence of the plot and characters. My next pass is to smooth any issues out. Then, I send off to my critique partners. After addressing their concerns, I do another pass and add those little details, thoughts and comments that help polish the setting and characters.

What’s your favorite part of writing? And your un-favorite?

My favorite part of writing is capturing the story idea and creating the characters. I also like polishing the story. My least favorite part is waiting for responses to submissions.

Do you have a schedule?

I have a two-year old who dictates my schedule. Currently, I check email first thing in the morning. If he’s in the mood to play quietly by himself, I might get some promo time in during the morning as well. Nap time is when I get to write and edit. If I’m lucky and hubby doesn’t have any jobs scheduled for the day (he owns his own business) then I leave the house between 9 and 10 and don’t come back until after 6. Those days I get a lot done. :)

I’m a genre-jumper, both in reading and writing. Does your muse like to skip around or does she stay in one spot and behave herself?

I’m a genre-jumper through and through. I love sci-fi/fantasy and romance and can’t seem to keep the two from combining on a frequent basis. I’m also a big historical fan, so hello time-travel.

My favorite question, the one I ask everybody—what woman, past or present, would you like to have dinner with and what would you like to talk about? Also, just for the heck of it, where would you go and what would you eat? (I know that’s four questions, but, hey, since I have you here…)

I’ve been asked this question before and have always skipped it or made something up, but this time I can honestly say, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. I’ve long been a fan of hers. I love the idea that Frankenstein was written as a sort of challenge. She lived in one of my favorite time periods and places—Regency England. She was married to Percy Bysshe Shelley and ran in the same circles as Lord Byron. Needless to say, I’d just want to talk about her life and times.

I think we’d have to eat French food, preferably in Paris. Definitely wouldn’t want Italian since it might remind her of too many of the tragedies that made up her life.

Tell us about your books, past, present, and future? Also, tell us where we can get your books and where we can find you.)

I currently have seven titles available and one scheduled for release next year. (Technically there are more scheduled for release next year, but under another pen name. :))

My paranormal, time travel series, Mates of the Guardians, has two titles out: His Ship, Her Fantasy and His Hope, Her Salvation, with a third, His Capture, Her Rescue, waiting for a release date. I have five eroticas: Twice is Not Enough (Regency), Slave to Innocence (F/F set in ancient Greece), Tempting Terms (contemporary), Not Just Friends (contemporary) and Riding Rodeo (M/F/M contemporary cowboy).

Riding Rodeo is my latest release, and I’ll be giving away a copy to one person who leaves a comment. Everyone who leaves a comment will also be entered to win a $25 gift certificate to Amazon, Barnes & Noble or The Wild Rose Press, winner’s choice.

All my stories are available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Facebook: AuthorEmmaLai
Twitter: @EmmaLaiWrites


  1. We're so glad you're here today. Adhering to a 2-year-old's schedule sounds familiar to most of us, I imagine.

    Thank you for coming and best of luck with your books.

  2. Thanks for hosting me today! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I'm sure many our Christmas shopping, so be safe out there.

  3. Hi, Emma! Traveling the world, hmm? Sounds like a fab life!!

  4. Hey Emma - Your husband sounds like mine. I always try to set a budget and he never stays within it because he says 'Christmas'. :)

    I love genre hopping. I sometimes think big publishers are stifling authors by demanding series and strict adherence to one genre at a time. That's once nice thing about epublishing, you can let the creativity flow wherever it takes you.

    Happy Holidays

  5. Great interview ladies! Always fun to hear how other writers delegrate their time.

    Emma, you sound like one busy lady!

    Much success to you and your writing!

  6. You are a busy lady, Emma! Congrats on the new release and those in the works. Hope you make lots of sales. It's funny... I write the same exact way you do--only I'll edit somewhat as I go. Meaning I write a chapter, reread it when it's done and layer in more detail then.

  7. Hi, Emma. Love the name since it's my only granddaughters. All your books sound fantastic. Best of luck in 2012.

  8. Hi Emma, I admire how much you get done with a 2 year old. And being able to write so many books.

  9. Hi Emma. It was great learning more about you. Your hubby sounds like a star. I'm also a genre hopper. I think reading or writing different genres keeps things fresh and new all the time.

  10. Great interview. Like the majority, I'm also a genre hopper.

  11. Hi, Emma.

    Thanks for coming by Wordwranglers today!

    Great interview!

  12. Hey there Emma. I could take a lesson from you on time management. Thanks for stopping by. Nice interview.

  13. Kristina, I can't imagine anything more exciting than traveling the world with my family. :)

    Beth, one good thing is we don't use credit cards to buy presents. So, no matter how crazy we get, it's still within some vague budget. We have to eat after all. (Totally agree about epublishing.)

    Thanks for the good wishes, Christine.

    Sara, it's always nice to meet someone whose writing style is similar to mine.

    Jerri, Emma is a popular name. I like it because it's very girlie.

    Marie, sometimes I don't feel as if I get anything written. Weird, huh?

    Shelley, I got quite lucky with my man. :)

    Maggie, I'm surprised at how many genre hoppers there are. Not so much of a minority as I thought.

    Thanks, D'Ann.

    Shawn, the skills I learned as a project manager help greatly with time management. :)