Wednesday, January 4

Good? Bad? I Did What?!?

So, late last week, D'Ann had the fantabulous idea that we should look back at 2011 as a group. The good, the bad...the questionable. Since most of us don't (technically) do the New Year's Resolution thing, we all jumped on the topic.

And now I realize I'm not so good at looking back, either.

Yes, I remember 2011 - I'm not that old, it was only over four days ago!! - but with just a little, teensy bit of space from it, it's harder to think about what I actually did or didn't do. As a whole, the year was good; I definitely moved forward, although I'm still waiting on that publishing contract. I think I a whole lot closer now than I was in 2010, though. I suppose, looking back, two big things happened for the year.

First, I fell in love with writing again - that's a good thing. I've always loved writing, but it got hard late in 2009 and into 2010. Not I have so much to do I can't find time to write, hard like I had to use an ice-pick to draw each word from a vein hard. But in 2011 I started a new story (one of many starts, lemme tell you!) and fell in love. It wasn't an easy story to write, but from the beginning I connected with the characters, the story...and it helped me find my voice again.

Second, I got my first R&R (revise and resubmit) request from an editor. She liked my story, even better she loved my voice, but she saw some flaws I should have seen in the telling of the store - and in the characters themselves. Those revisions were some of the hardest I've ever done, not just because they came from An Actual Editor Who Liked Me...but because they made me dig deeper into my characters and, subsequently, into my own likes, dislikes and feelings. But those revisions helped to cement my voice, I think. They definitely helped me identify and embrace my core story...and that, I think, will do me a lot of good heading in to 2012!!

What was your favorite moment/happening from 2011? And do you think 2012 will be a bright, shiney new year?


  1. 2011 was an emotionally tough year, but I did write. 2012 feels like warm sun on my face and the smell of Coppertone. It will be a fantabulous year! It already is! :)

  2. Love that analogy! And I'm looking forward to 2012, too!

  3. I am already excited for 2012! I think it's the year, K.

  4. I think so...and I'm going to work hard to make it so, D!

  5. For my writing career, 2011 was hard. I'd written my first romantic suspense with paranormal elements but it took me most of the year to write it. 2012 is going to be my year--I've decided that. I'm going to work very hard to make it happen.

  6. 2011 was great. Grandbabies, getting published. But I was still glad to see it go.

  7. Kristi,
    I'm so glad you refound your voice. That's always a good thing. Hopefully, we'll read it soon. Pretty please???

  8. PS--I'm having a hell of time looking back myself. Mmmm. That doesn't bode well for tomorrow's post.

  9. Margie, chapters will be winging your way, prolly by the end of the week!

    Shawn you had a great 2011 - and I hope 2012 is just as good to you!

    Jerri, 2012 *will* be your year...I can just feel it.