Tuesday, January 10

I got Nuthin'

I have absolutely nothing in my head to blog about today. Nothing.

Which is kind of funny. Usually I'm filled with ideas. I can't wait for Tuesday to spout off about something. But today my mind is blank. Plot? Nah. Characters? Um, not today. Even cowboys aren't sounding interesting today.

I could talk about research. Done that. A lot. Bleh.

Interview an author. Didn't get one done in time. Have about three I'm dying to score, though. Need to talk to the other wranglers and see if we're doing April Pubbed Author Month here on the blog....oops! I got off track there.

I could look at friends' blogs for inspiration. There are Sunday Sixes, Tuesday Teasers, Two-minute interviews and Fun Facts on Fridays. Even a novella for Christmas on another one. All great, but already taken.

There are blogs filled with writing stats. Blogs filled with resolutions.

Yesterday, a writing buddy wrote a fact-filled blog about the hymen and where it's located. Really. Good post, too.

I could talk about my new story. Nah, it's still mine and I don't want to blow it by talking about it too much.

Or maybe how I've settled on suspense as where I belong. Nope. Folks are sick to death of hearing about that...!

Maybe share my last conversation with my agent. Already squeeeed to my CPs. Until something sells, not much point in spouting off.

So, there you have it. I have a whole bunch of blogs I could look at (steal from) for ideas. I could rehash an old subject. I could let loose on my pet-peeves. Oh, I didn't mention those, did I? I'll save those for another day.

So there you have it. I got nothing.

Until next Tuesday, when hopefully I'll have a topic a hell of a lot more interesting! Don't forget to drop by and visit with Kristi tomorrow, who I'm 100% sure will have someting more than this to say!


  1. I did that right before Christmas. Took a break. It was great. NOw I'm filled with ideas again.(Not for blogging-I never have ideas for that)

  2. LOL. That was hilarious. I'm in the same boat as you. Can't think of a single blog topic and I should really get something new up on my blog. Maybe tomorrow...

  3. LOL, I love it. I'm in the same row boat as you. Nothing to yap about. Nothing interesting anyway.
    I'm tired of doing posts on writing. And I don't think others want to hear about my boring life, so what else is there?
    Hopefully I think of something quick. I blog on the 12th.

  4. Sometimes we just need a breather, don't we? Love your post, as always :)

  5. I think blogs should entertain. Done.

  6. I've had the same trouble. That's why I started doing Stuff I Find While I'm Walking, but with it being so cold out, I can't even do that, so mostly Mondays are pictures of random stuff or a movie review. Which has little to do with writing at all.

    I'll bet your next blog is filled with brilliance!

  7. This is funny. I go through the same thing every time I blog.

  8. Yeah, I've been there. That's why my blog is dead in the water. Ran out of idea. Or maybe I was just burned out.

  9. You're posts are always so entertaining to read, D'Ann. But I know what you mean. My blogs are dead, and I blog once monthly at another place. That once a month is so hard for me! There are times I think I'll come up with nothing, and I'm sure it shows in my posts.

  10. My problem is I have too many ideas and can't settle on one! :)

  11. I've avoided blogging for years for this very reason - I'm afraid I will run out of things to say. I have no problem jumping into a conversation but am not so good at starting one. This post was entertaining in its own way. Do you keep a list of things you might want to blog about in the future? I've been telling people I work with to write up 2 months worth of blog ideas that they can pull out when they have weeks like this as well as to keep a list on them at all times to jot down ideas when they come to them.

  12. D'Ann, you're awesome! Even though you didn''t have a subject, I still enjoyed your blog. I wish you'd wanted to talk about cowboys, because that picture of the one you posted on FB was...um....awe-inspiring...hehehehe!

    Can't wait for next weeks blog, I'm never disappointed:)

  13. Look at that, you filled up an entire blog post, even though your brain was blank.


    When I got nothing, I talk television and characters. I never seem to run out of stuff to say when I focus on television.

  14. LOL--leave it to a real writer to come up with somethin' out of nuthin'! Good post, D'ann!

  15. *Giggle, giggle* This post is basically me every day before I'm supposed to post something. Thanks for the smile :)

  16. Well, for a blog about nothing, you sure drew a lot of readers!
    Reminds me of Seinfeld. When the show was big, Jerry described as a show about nothing.

  17. I know exactly how you feel! Great post. Reminds us all we are not alone!!

  18. I feel your pain, D'Ann! Same thing happened to me in late Nov. So I blogged about being all blogged out, did a smidge of research and posted a few suggestions with links to more. Next time you got nuthin' check it out. :)

    Seriously, I'd blog every day if I had the time. I enjoy it far more than I ever thought I would. I have to curb my enthusiasm, however, so I can write my books. LOL

    Loved your creative way of having nothing.

  19. D'Ann,

    You are my hero! I never, ever have a blog topic and when I do, it's usually bleh... But you...YOU! can talk about nothing and make it into a fantastic article....

    I want a blog article on HOW YOU DO IT!

  20. That's funny. I had that problem not long ago and I've got to come up with something for this week.

  21. As a new blogger, this is one of my worse fears. It's nice to see that others out there are in the same boat.

    Great Post!

  22. Thanks, everyone, for coming by my nothing blog! Appreciate it so much!

  23. Nice. This is actually my day today. This week the semester started and Tuesdays are my "writing" days.


    So far I've revealed a new cover and sent out books for review and made an ARC contest.

    Did I finish those last 5 chapters of Trinity Bound?


    Did I even open the document?


    I'm going to go read a book and not even pretend LOL.

    It's just one of those days.

  24. I laughed at your blog title today! Ain't it the truth. LOL Have a great day, D'Ann.

  25. Casea~
    Taking a break is a great rejuvenator, isn't it?

    So pleased you saw the humor! Tomorrow, indeed!

    Row boat! LOl I always enjoy your blogs.

    Thanks for coming by, friend!

    Thanks much!

    I love your walking blogs, they ware so great!

    You'd never know it!

    I was so out of ideas today.

    I loved your posts on Lisa and Kary's and Tabitha's too!

    I'm usually there, too, Kristi. Today my brain had nothing. Nothing.

    Thanks for coming by! The trick is to share your blog with great mates!

    Thanks for coming by! That cowboy was something, huh?

    Wonderful idea! A keeper.

    Thanks so much! Are you done on your tour yet?

    Welcome to WW!

    You compared me to Seinfeld? Kiss. Kiss.

    We're never alone when we have friends.

    I'm sorry I missed that post. I'll go see...

    You made my day!

    You'll do great! Thanks for dropping in!

    You'll do great! Welcome to Blogland!

    Carrie Ann~
    You made me laugh.

    You came! I was missing you!

    Thanks again, everyone, for coming by today. You're the best.

  26. Sorry, I stopped by so late! Great post. I laughed, because I came out of the gate yesterday morning with a new twist to my current WIP, ended up deleting my work from the day before and at the end of the day, I had nothing!
    Great blog,