Wednesday, January 11

New Year, New Plan...New You?

So it's the start of a New Year and we all have a lot of plans and hopes and dreams and...well, it's 11 days into 2012 and very likely some of us are already falling behind. Yes, I'm talking to me right there. I'm not so off-course that I'm throwing in the towel on 2012...but I did just go over my goals list and realized...I need to get to work! 

And, hey, we're all in this together so I thought I'd invite a couple of friends over to talk about one way we can all stay on track this year - with a little help from our friends!

Thank you to Kristina and the WordWranglers for allowing us to guest blog today.  I’m excited to talk to you about my favorite writer’s online resource and community – Savvy Authors.  I’m Melinda B. Pierce, the Membership Director for the site, and guest blogging with me is Dawn McClure, the site’s Administrative Assistant.  I brought Dawn along because she is ten times wittier (aka snarkier) than me, and when I start to bore you with stats and details, she’ll bust in and breathe a little bit of life back into the article.  (I can hear the collective sigh of relief.)

Dawn and I decided to take Savvy Authors on the road with guest blogs to give aspiring and published authors the opportunity to learn a little more about what the site has to offer.  First and foremost, we are a community of like-minded authors from all genres who care about the craft of writing and sharing what knowledge we’ve gleaned over the years with aspiring, debut and multi-published authors alike.  The site does this in a variety of ways with writing related blog articles from authors of all genres, hosting weekly live chats in our chatrooms, discussion forums filled with member contributed information and of course what we are most known for is our multitude of craft related workshops.

Snarky?  Moi?  J Like Mel pointed out, our workshops cover a wide range of subjects.  Whether you want to learn more about police procedures, how to write a toe-curling, steamy love scene, or if you need help creating a multi-layered villain, we have a workshop that covers it.  Sharon Pickrel, co-founder of Savvy Authors and workshop wrangler extraordinaire, chooses workshops that interest writers at every level.  Whether you’re new to the business of writing, or a seasoned veteran, there’s always something to learn.

One of my favorite things about the site has to be the annual events.  They wear me out – am I right, Mel? – but I love them.  If you need a serious, swift kick in the pants to get you motivated we have EditPalooza at the beginning of the year, Boot Camp and Revision Hell (yours truly is the drill instructor) in the spring, and the Savvy Authors Summer Symposium.  And in between – because there is always something going on at Savvy Authors – we have our own pitch appointments with editors and agents in a blog format.  You give them a three-line pitch from the comfort of your home and skip the sitting-across-the-desk-deer-in-the-headlights-nightmare. 

Are your fingers itching to click on the link yet?  Good, but what Dawn and I have shared with you so far only scratches the surface.  There are two levels of membership, basic and premium, and while having the basic membership will feed your writing community addiction, the premium membership will get you into our Yahoo! Loop where promotion and buzz about you, your blog and your books is welcomed with happy, supportive, and open arms.  As a premium member you’ll also have access to craft workshops, the Blog Tour Wizard,  Autocritter and the Cliché Finder.

Now, I’m feeling a little bit like a sales person here, and that’s not my sole purpose for all the promo.  I joined Savvy Authors close to when it started two years ago, and after having been a part of a few other writing communities, I can honestly say Savvy Authors is where I have met the most supportive group of writers I’ve ever known.  Through special events and joining in on discussions, I’ve made life-long writer friends and I’ve gained a critique partner or two.  I really believe in the site and what it stands for - Writers Helping Writers.  To quote visionary co-founder Liz Pelletier, “Our hope is we've created a web home for writers that will help navigate that crazy road to publication, and to keep those who have already traveled that road stay on track.” I have to say, mission accomplished.

And that’s really what Savvy is all about.  Writing can be such a solitary endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be.  You can lurk or you can play, but you’ll always feel like part of a writing community that cares. 

Very true, Dawn.  We welcome everyone to stop by and check us out.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Melinda B. Pierce, Membership Director & Moderator Co-Coordinator
Melinda B. Pierce didn’t want to be an author when she grew up. In fact, she wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer, and once the show was taken off the air, she decided being the female counterpart to James Bond would do. Reality set in, as it often does when a child grows up, and after a stint as a Military Police Officer for the United States Army, she transitioned to an Intake Coordinator for a social services office, and finally after obtaining her paralegal degree, settled into being a real estate paralegal at a law firm. While each of these careers were rewarding in their own way, she still felt she was meant to do something more. So, she opened up her laptop and began writing, and some day, she’ll finish that darn manuscript.  She currently resides in sunny Florida with her family.

Dawn McClure, Administrative Assistant and Newsletter Editor
A multi-published author of paranormal romance, Dawn McClure can often be found at her desk plugging away at a WIP or performing her duties as Savvy Authors Administrative Assistant and Newsletter Editor. Either way, she can rock both jobs in her PJs.  She lives in BFE South Dakota with her husband and two PRE-TEEN daughters (had to caps that for emphasis).


  1. I knew about Savvy Authors but never KNEW about Savvy Authors. LOL. Had no idea it was that in depth. Heading over there now to check it out.

  2. I've taken a few classes over there and they were well worth it!
    Nice meeting you, Dawn and Melinda.

  3. Savvy authors is a great resource. I was a member for awhile and took some classes and let my membership lapse, but funny that this blog came up, because I've been planning on signing back up to take advantage of the great resources there. Thanks for the nudge :)

  4. Morning, Sharon. :) Hope you have a great time at the site. Thanks for stopping by today. :)

    Neecy - So glad you could stop by. :) Speaking of workshops, I'm taking one right now with Carol Hughes and it's fantastic. For the first time ever, I plotted the end of my book. I may have to hand in my pantsers card. lol

  5. Good morning everyone and very nice to meet you all, too :-)

    Dawn and I will be around to answer any questions you have about Savvy Authors.

  6. I didn't realize how resourceful Savvy authors was! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. I joined savvy authors just over a year ago, when someone posted about the first Editpalooza. I wanted to sign up, as I had a nice Nano novel all ready and eager to be edited.

    Am I ever glad I did. The site is terrific, the classes are great, my fellow members are the best.

    There are pitch opportunities, too. After editpalooza and several more classes and a bunch more editing, I pitched my novel and ended up with a contract with MuseItUp.

    Thanks, Savvy.

  8. Hi, girls. I joined last year and have found this group to be so fantastic. I'm on the yahoo loop. I've had my good news posted (thanks, Dawn) and two articles have published and have had lots of hits from them. Taken classes.

    Join now!

  9. Fascinating interview, Ladies.

  10. Dawn, I'm loving Carol's workshop--it's just incredible. If it wasn't for EditPalozza and SavvyAuthors I would not have a contract for my first book. Love the Savvy group. Marian

  11. Thanks, Dawn and Melinda for coming by WW today! Dawn, I'm taking Carol's workshop too. Mostly lurking right now (on a nonfiction deadline) but hoping to catch up with all the homework over the weekend!

  12. Hi Marian & Kristina. :-) I just downloaded Lesson 3. It looks fantiastic. I love how she breaks everything down in table format.

  13. *waving to all the familiar names*

    I also forgot to mention that you can get all the udates on articles and upcoming workshops by following SA on twitter @SavvyAuthors

    :-) Melinda

  14. Savvy Authors is the best thing out there for writers. New writers, seasoned writers, male, female, and any genre. I am a HUGE fan and have been a premium member for just over a year.

  15. Interesting! You're doing great things over there!

  16. I've got plenty of love for Savvy Authors. I discovered the site/group a few years ago, and I've met some fabulous friends through it.

    As an author, I like some of the benefits such as a manuscript tracker that can update through your site signature. So much fun to see that progress bar move.

    Currently teaching a class on short stories, and we've got a dynamic group. And such talent.

    I always talk it up, and everyone who has joined has been happy for it! Enough from me.

  17. I sing the praises of Savvy Authors non-stop. People are sick of me talking about it. Thanks, Melinda and Dawn, for all you do.

  18. I think Savvy Authors is great! So many really good courses at very good prices, so many resources and helpful people, and so many resources to help edit the books.
    And the pitch opportunities, great. I got to practice pitching in the chat room (thank you great savvy fellow savvy authors for easing the fears) and learned how to pitch. I know have a book, When Hearts Collide that came out with Soul Mate Publishing in December and have two contracts with Black Opal books that will come out in 2012. Yes, Savvy Authors is a fantastic group to belong to.
    Bev Irwin / Kendra James

  19. Thanks for coming by, ladies! Tons of good info for us!

  20. I know Savvy Authors is a great resource. I'm a standard member (free membership) but really should bite the bullet and really join them. Keep up the great work over there.