Thursday, January 26

Stupid Me

I'm at the sub stage in my writing. And wouldn't it be nice if this was the easy part? Heck, you just finished an entire book--in my case 86K, not counting the several thousand that I've cut--edited it, rewrote parts or all of it and now you're--I'm--stuck on a stupid letter and a couple of pages?



I think I've got a workable query--especially after following a recent online contest critique. Check that out here.

But the synopsis. Ugh. Especially after Piper Denna's excellent suggestions in Monday's comment section.

It's funny how everything seems important when you're writing the book and even when you're trying to summarize it. "Oh, I have to mention Darby because she's Bix's best friend and first kiss--even if she's a lesbian." And that's important.

Or is it?

It seemed important when I wrote it. And it's a sweet scene that leads to the term "soulsibs" but in the large scope of the book.

Not so important.

Not when I waded through, reached the end, and realized-------
that key elements in the end weren't included in the synopsis. Oops.

Back to the drawing board but this time, I went backwards. I started at the end and began my trail backwards. By knowing what is important in the end leads me on the path that got me there.

I think this time it might work. I hope I'm right.


  1. This sounds like me, Margie, and Bix's story's so wonderful, the synopsis should write itself. Only it doesn't work that way, of course!

  2. Hey Margie,
    Hope you get there! I'm pleased as punch of any advice I offered is helpful. :)

    And I'd be happy to give it a once-over when you're done--if you'd like.

  3. You'll get it, Margie. know how you feel. There are so many things you want to include, but have to let go. That is a hard thing to do. And about your going backward plan, that's how I wrote the last part of Dreamers.

  4. Great idea, Margie! And I bet it works brilliantly!

  5. Backwards! Love it. Going to try it.

    Good luck, and let me know if it works.