Tuesday, January 17


Soooo...yesterday Liz talked about trends.

What do I know about trends?


That's right. Nothing.

I don't follow trends. I like to write romantic suspense. I've tried to leave it out a few times, and when I do, I'm always trying to find a way to put it back in. A few years ago, no one put suspense in their books. Then the trend changed and it seemed like everyone was doing RS.

Then, a couple years ago, I started hearing from agents that they didn't want any suspense. That it wasn't selling. That they couldn't give it away. The trend had changed.

The most recent fashion has been vampires. And more vampires. Ever since the Twilight series, there has been a rush to publish vamp books. This trend will pass, too.

What's next?

Angels? Truck drivers? Jockeys?

You can bet you bottom dollar that whatever the next big seller is, there will be a HUGE rush to follow.

But not by me. I'm going to keep writing suspense. Because sooner or later, that trend will come back. And I'll be ready!


  1. I'm with you - write what I want - if it isn't popular today it will be next Tuesday.

  2. You've probably heard it a million times, but it holds true!

    Write what you know and what you love :)

    Happy writing D'Ann :)

  3. Write from the heart no matter what the trend is my motto so you keep spinning those awesome stories D'Ann!

  4. That's right D just like fashion--that trends will be back sooner or later:)

  5. So agree with you - you have to write what you love...following trends that aren't interesting to you will just put a bunch of partially-completed wips on your computer.

    I'm glad to see the small town trend returning, though. I write big-city, but I'm a sucker for a good small town setting...so, from a reader point of view, I guess that is my favorite trend. At least right now.

  6. I'm such a one (or two) trick pony; I'll write medieval whether or no and hope that someday it will catch the fancy of an agent and editor who then can't "go on" until I sign and publish with them.

    We have to write what we love, because if we don't, readers will know it.

    Good luck D'Ann.

  7. As a reader, I don't follow trends. Never have and never will. As an aspiring writer, I write what I want to write.


  8. When I was young and dumb and had money to burn, I followed fashion trends. But even then, I read what I wanted to, not what was trendy. While the clothing isn't an option so much anymore, my reading is still where I left off - I read what I want and it's all over the map. Paranormal to contemporary, romantic suspense to fantasy. If I like it, I'll read it!

    Good post, D'Ann.

  9. Ugh I'm soooo tired of vampires and shapeshifters--I can't wait for that trend to pass. But truck drivers? Now there's a concept. Actually I read a romance a while back about a truck driver. He picked up this woman at a truck stop on Christmas and ended up delivering her baby in his truck. Of course they had their HEA. But, hey, truck driving romances do exist!

  10. I don't follow trends, be them in clothing, foods, house designs, paint colours for houses, in what I like to read and write.
    Trends are silly. They come and go with the blink of an eye.

  11. Good post!
    I've noticed that a lot of authors are revising their old books. And those are selling. That too is a new trend!

  12. I think trends are part of someone's imagination. I agree, write, read,and wear and what you want.

  13. So true, D'Ann. Trends come and go. I think if people love to write, they need to love what they're writing, not what they believe will sell. Otherwise, where's the fun, the drive to write? Well, unless the person in question is a big-time author who follows the dollar signs and knows whatever crap he/she puts out will sell. But I call that selling-out.

    That's not saying authors can't genre hop--they can as long as they have a story they're dying to tell.

  14. The thing about trends is they change. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. If we try to write and keep up with trends, then our story may be irrelevant once we're done if the trends change. I figure that a darn good book will come out in a "Past trend" and that will bring that genre back. Things come and go all the time.

  15. I've never followed trends, and RS is in my blood.

  16. You're right. It always comes back around, but I'd love to wring the necks of the marketing gurus who spearhead some of these trends.

  17. My opinion for what it's worth--don't worry about trends. As Christine says: write what you love. Trends come and go. I don't have an agent to advise me, but I'm sure good ones would agree. FYI: My next romantic mystery DEATH LEGACY is a romantic suspense mystery thriller and will be published by Five Star/Gale March 21st. The reviews so far are very good. I have my fingers crossed. You'll be able to ask for it at your local library beginning in April.

  18. Hope I don't offend anyone--I just can't stand the vampire thing. Why not write horror if you want to write about vampires? That said, remember different strokes for different folks.

    Myself? I write what I want to write. I am a writer. Writers write. They don't have to follow trends.

  19. I too write what I feel--usually historical (so glad to see some people are liking medieval!). Thought about writing a vampire thing for about 2 seconds--left a bad taste. I love to read them, just can't write them.

    Trends cycle back, so if you're not trendy right now, wait a while and you will be. I'm hoping historical comes back soon!

  20. I sometimes read the trendy books - Yes I love Twilight and Harry Potter but I don't always write trendy. I say 'always' because when you write in as many differnet genres as I do you're bound to hit a trend in there somewhere.

  21. I read what I find interesting. Whether it's trendy or not. I write paranormals. Not because they're trendy, but because I love writing them.

  22. I've been writing YA before it even had a name. I started about the time of Sweet Dream romances and then the genre kind of died out for a while but boy when it came back, it was gangbusters.

    So, I say follow your little writing heart.

  23. Daryl~
    LOL. That's the truth, huh?

    Back attchta!

    Thanks so much!

    All trends come back around, right?

    Love the small town trend...that's one I can get behind.

    Best of luck!

    good for you!

    I think everyone follows fashion trends to a point.

    Love it! My DH was a truck driver for many years.


    Yes, they are.

    Writing trends happen because some editor likes something and the whole world falls in line.

    Good point!

    Yes, exaactly. Follow a trend and you get left behind.

    We're soul sistas!

    Oh, would you!

    Awesome! I'll request it.

    I so agree with you.

    I think ppl have always loved histies...we just couldn't find them.

    You write great books!

    Good for you, my friend!

    And when the world meets Bix, look out!

    Thanks for coming by, all!

  24. You're right, trends always come around again and again. I don't follow trends either. I don't write to the market.

    Yeah, I have a vamp book and my next book (hopefully) will be a vamp and werewolf, but I came up with this series years ago.

    And I love cowboys, some would say this is a trend too. But I started writing cowboys because I love cowboys.

    So, I'm with you.... I'll just keep writing what I like because it's no fun writing what you don't.

  25. Hm. Trends. Well, I can tell you some trends I'm seeing in submissions... very loooong manuscripts, particularly for fantasy romance, and also in a lot of the YA submissions--many of which are also fantasy. I can't get over how many manuscripts over 100k we've been receiving.

    Trends I'd like to see personally in books? Um, more cowboys please. And more firemen would be awesome!

    Trends I'd love to see on the street: Less pajama pants.

    On TV? Fewer shows with the Kardashians or anyone from the Jersey shore.

    And I every TV show should have at least 1 guy from either Ireland, Scotland, or Britain with a heavy accent. :) Now that would be a trend worth following!