Monday, January 2

The year in review...

D'Ann suggested, "...what if next week we take a look our highs, lows, things we learned, things we do differently..." She did this a while back, so I've had some time to think about it. 2011 was a wonderful year for me, one of the best in my memory, and I let it go with reluctance on Saturday night.

2011 was the year I retired from my day job and subsequently sold my fifth book. (ONE MORE SUMMER was released today by Carina Press, thus starting 2012 off rather nicely, too!) As far as highs go, these are pretty good ones. I have loved retirement and SUMMER is the book of my heart.

Lows? Well, there were losses. People I worked with have passed away, leaving holes in life's fabric. I've lost contact with some friends. The political climate horrifies and upsets me. I know the term "politically correct" has come to be something scorned, but I've never become a fan of downright damn rude, either. There have been terrible tragedies, more people preying on children...yeah, the lows are pretty low, too.

Things we learned...hmmm...well, I went back to school and learned I kinda like the classroom, though being the oldest kid in class gets a little old. :-) Duane and I had to learn to actually share the house. He hasn't learned to share the remote and I haven't conceded anything in the kitchen, but we're getting there. I'm learning to schedule my time, but that's a rough one. One of my retirement goals was to spend time volunteering, and I haven't done enough of that yet. I learned about the Nickel Plate Trail and how much I love walking as a form of exercise.

I think, in the absence of going to work every day, I do virtually everything differently. Just as I loved my job and the life I led while I was doing it, I love the life I'm leading now. My main goal, which I've said often enough I can almost see your eyes rolling, is to Have A Good Time. And I am. I am.

Happy New Year--I wish you joy.


  1. Happy New Year to you, too, Liz! And may 2012 be just as filled with wonder and joy as all the years before it. :)

  2. Happy New Year, Liz!

    It seems to me that 2011 was like most years, with ups and downs and middles.

    May 2012 be the same!

  3. Here's to having a good time. Cheers, Liz!

  4. Happy New Year, Liz. I'm so glad to see you're enjoying yourself. And kudo's on going back to school!