Friday, February 17

Love Notes and Treasure Chests

I'll admit it. I'm a sentimental person. There are certain things I just can't part with. Every card my husband and children have given me, whether it was for a holiday or just because, home made or store bought, I've kept. They're in a big trunk at the end of my bed along with both my wedding dresses (hubby and I renewed our vows for our twelfth anniversary)and all hubby's love letters from Saudi Arabia when he was in Desert Storm.

A co-worker of mine thought I was weird for doing this. He said he and his wife display their holiday cards on the mantle for a few days, then throw them away. My trunk is overflowing now, and some of the cards and pictures have graduated to the trunks in my living room, and little wooden boxes around the house. I even keep the boxes that held jewelry I've been given.

Am I the only one that does this? What about you?


  1. I think it's neat that you save things. My mother-in-law does that and always has. I have things I've kept, but not all that many.

  2. I don't save everything, usually the 'just because' stuff. Although bebe made her first valentines card for us at school this year...and that is definitely going in the keeper box.

  3. Shawn, I think that's so lovely. I've been married for 26 years, and while I don't keep everything - I do keep the special stuff. Recently, I came across a little card scrawled in wobbly letters that said, "I love you Daddy." It was written by our daughter - 14 years ago. I left it on my husband's pillow...and it made the big-guy teary. You can't put a price on that - no matter what.
    Amanda - Justwriteit group :)

  4. Hi, Shawn.
    Sorry for being late. I love this! I don't save them all, but Brandi does. She saves every card she's ever been given.