Tuesday, February 14

An Ordinary Love

Happy Valentine's Day!

The most romantic day of the year.


It's ironic that my day to blog falls today. I've hated this day my entire life. It started in Jr. High when drama club sold roses and delivered them. Red for love. Pink for like you. Yellow for friendship. And black. For dislike. I was beyond a dork. I lived in dread of getting one of those black roses. And swooned in envy at the popular girls who gathered armfuls of the coveted red roses.

Eventually, I outgrew the trauma of Jr. high.

I grew up, got married.

My husband has done the rose, candy, flower thing. He's even bought me heart-shaped rubies through the years.

But the truth is, I still hate this day. I hate the hype. The forced love.

I prefer everyday love. The man who goes two states away six months a year to work. The love he shows me by shoeing my horses, hauling loads of hay, fixing my vehicles.

He will give me a funny, not mushy, card. He's given me the same card several times. LOL Maybe roses from the grocery store. And that's okay.

Every day love trumps Hallmark mush any day of the year.


  1. Your hubby is a good one, D'Ann! Mine always gives me a funny card too and I love it.

  2. Its the every day things that count. You have a keeper, D'Ann.

  3. D'Ann - I so feel your Jr. High pain. One day I'm going to write a story about all the Valentine's Day horrors I've suffered. I've been broken up with, cheated on, asked by an ex to coax his old girlfriend back to him -- All on Valentine's Day. I used to wear all BLACK on valentine's day in protest. LOL

  4. I couldn't agree with you more, D'Ann! Valentine's Day is my least favorite 'holiday'. Lol, it doesn't even feel like a real one, you know what I mean? It's so fake.

  5. I feel spouses and alike should treat their significant other as if it were Valentines Day-everyday! Actions speak louder than words all year around...

  6. I totally agree, D'Ann! My husband does things for me all the time and that means more to me than a bunch of flowers on the 14th of February. Heck, two of my kids were born on the 16th and 18th. It sort of gets lost in the birthday celebrations.

  7. OMG, I feel the exact same way. My husband shows me love all through the year by the things he does--how hard he works for his family, building chicken coops for me, repairing the barn...there is just too much to list here.

  8. Casea, good grief. What a litany of bad stuff to happen on Valentine's Day. No wonder you wore black.

    I agree that our guys should show their feelings every day of the year. And, yes, the holiday has become waaay to commercialized. I loved those funny cards, too. (My husband and I both tended to be a bit sarcastic.) But I must admit that on this one day of the year, I liked the romantic cards. And the flowers. I know. What can I say? But I did. *Sigh* (Past tense because my husband died a few years ago.) But I still like Valentine's Day :)

  9. Like most wives in love, my hero is my husband. He works so hard, then comes home to work hard again.

    This morning I slipped a small box of Almond Rocha and a card into his cooler I packed. Two hours later, he found it. The tough cowboy was all choked up because he hasn't had time to get me a card. I don't need one. I just need him.

    Great post. Everyday love is better.

  10. Mine always gives a funny card - it just fits us... Your guy sounds like a gem!!

  11. D'Ann I feel the JR High/High School pain. I was/am such a dork! I like Valentine's Day. Red is my favorite color and I adore hearts. But thank Goodness my husband loves who I am for every day of the year. But I sure do love my chocolate...

  12. Aw what a sweet post!! I know every day love is a must:) I hope you and your hubby have the best love day ever! So hard to be away for so long.

    Happy Valentine's Day! XO

  13. I'm with you. I love everyday heroes best. And jr. high was hideous!

  14. I always consider this a very romantic day. And my husband does do something special each year whether it's flowers or taking me out for a lovely lunch or dinner. But since it's my older son's wedding anniversary, that makes it even more special.

  15. D'Ann.... I couldn't agree with you more. You definitely got a keeper...

  16. I love the funny cards over the mushy ones. Humor is what drew me to my husband...and it's gotten us through some rough times.

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  18. Jenn~
    Yes, I have a keeper. Funny trumps mush in my book!

    Thanks,so do you!

    God, I thought Jr. High was hell...

    yeah, fake holiday summs it up nicely.


    Two birthdays right after Valentine's? Kewl.


    Your husband sounds great!

    Aw, sweet.

    I would have thought Kyle would be the mushy card kind of fella.

    Well, chocolate, that's another thing.

    It has been a long time!

    Jr. High was a nightmare I've still never completely recovered from.

    Yes, your son's story was very inspiring.

    yes, I do!

    Humor can get you through the roughest times ever.

  19. I don't like the hype either. Good husbands don't need a special day out of the year to buy us things and show us love. They do it everyday.

  20. I don't hate Valentine's Day but I'm not crazy about it either. When a man can give you flowers just because... Now THAT'S romantic. Even more so if he picked them himself.

  21. Lia~
    Sounds like you have a great hubby!

    You must have the most romantic husband alive. Sighs dreamily.