Thursday, March 15

Dare To Imagine

In the movie, You've Got Mail, the Meg Ryan character, Kathleen Kelly has just decided to give up her shop and she's talking with Birdie (played by Jean Stapleton) who tells her that she's brave.

"I'm not brave," Kathleen says.

"But you are." Birdie tells her, "You are daring to imagine that you could have a different life."

I've always loved that concept. Maybe because as writers, we live our lives imagining different lives.

Well, on Monday, I found out that I have to begin to imagine a different life for me, because my day job is being phased out of existence. It's kind of a scary proposition.

I can try for a promotion--there will be two in my area--or I can step down to the new lower position with less responsibility and significantly less pay. To put this all in prospective, I took a pay cut about three years ago when the company eliminated 4 hours of OT in my position--that ended up costing me about ten percent of my income.

This new pay cut will equal close to 20 percent. So, in less than four years, I will have been cut about 30% and not because I did anything wrong--simply because the company is trying to fix something that was never broken. You gotta love corporate.

Or I can join the unemployment line.

Or I can finish my book, send it back to interested Agent, and hope for a substantial sale.

Which is what the life I want to dare to imagine. So, instead of finding time to write--I have decided to MAKE time to write. Right now, I am my only road block.

Be brave.
Dare to imagine a new life.
That is my new mantra.


  1. PS. I may have paraphrased the direct quote from You've Got Mail--it may not be exactly what was said, but pretty close.

  2. Good for you, Margie. A lot of people dare to imagine, but don't do anything to make it happen. I'm glad you're doing something to make it happen.

  3. You chose one of my favorite movies - and I love that moment between Birdie and Kathleen. Good for you, for daring to dream! Good luck!!

    I also like the saying Success is 20% inspiration 20% luck 60% perspiration - so keep working toward that goal!!

  4. Good for you, and hugs for all that's going on. Great post.

  5. OMG, Margie. Don't even get me started on Corps. Ugh. I had more than 40 hours, now I'm down to 18-19 a week. I believe what happened to Brandi had more to do with money than any other thing.
    Go get that book sold. Hugs.

  6. Thanks Girls, for stopping by and leaving me such wonderful words of encouragement :) Your support means everything.

  7. Dare to dream. You can do it. Send to the interested agent. You go girl!