Thursday, March 8

The Listmaker and Me

I am married to a listmaker.

Not only does he make lists, he finishes them.

He makes a list for all the tasks he has to complete at work. Every day.

When we go on vacation, he makes a packing list days in advance.

On Thursday he plans the week's menu and writes out a grocery list for shopping. Because shopping day is Friday. And he never forgets anything.

On Saturday, he writes a list of chores he wants to accomplish on his two days off. Like laundry and scouring the toilets. And he does them.

Have I mentioned I married a domestic god who does more than his share of the household duties so I can write on my days off?

But--you knew it was coming--he thinks I should write lists. And I've tried. Really, I have.

I like spontaneity. Especially on my days off.

Sure, there are things that need to be taken care of. My beagle sounds like she's tap dancing across our hardware floors every time she crosses the room.

On my two days off this week, I:

Had lunch with my sister.
Took Jordan to This Means War. For the record, two thumbs up.
Finished second coat of paint on new computer haven room--which is the bonus room behind the garage.
Moved a full-sized couch into garage. By myself.
Took Jordan to lunch.
Swept and mopped new computer haven.
Changed kitty litter.
Went to critique group.
Started reading Micro--Michael Crichton's final book.
Went to dentist--no cavities!
Brainstormed new Bix section w/notes. Almost a list.
Rearranged Computer haven.
Hooked DVD player to TV in the haven and watched new Footloose.
Bought a big white board for plotting and brainstorming on.
Started critiquing a beta partners book.

Hey. I think I got this list thing down.

Does it count when you do it after the fact?


  1. It counts with me. That is an an admirable list!

  2. Just for the record, I don't have hardware floors so much as hardwood. Oops.

  3. Counts with me, too. Maybe I'll make an after-market list like you do ... because if I've already accomplished everything on it, there's no guilt for the things I didn't get to, right? Right? :)

  4. a far as I'm concerned, it counts. You've accomplished a lot. I don't think my list would be as impressive.