Tuesday, March 6

Making a List;Checking it Twice

List maker? Me?

Not for most things.

But for my writing, I'm always making lists.

Finished manuscripts:

Wild Horse Moon -

Wild Horses -

Time and Again -

The Cowboy's Baby -

Shot Through the Heart -

Shoot for the Moon -

Rope the Moon -

Mississippi Blues -

Lost and Found -

Hannah's Journey -

Desert Heat -

Dance the Dance -

Branded -

A Real Bad Burn -

A Cowboy to Keep -

Works in Progress:

Austin & Jamie

Cedric & Scarlett

Garret & Sunny

James & Andy

Mike & Alannah

Shane & Isabelle

Reed & Teagan

Contests I want to enter:

The Daphne

The Lonestar

Finally a Bride

The Molly

...and bunches more

Names I want to use someday:






a supermodel goes down in a plan over Alaska

a woman adopts her dying sister's baby

a teen goes home for her sister's wedding

You get the idea. Do you make lists? Why or why not?


  1. I am absolutely, 100% a list maker, lol! Blame it on my OCD side :) Keeps me organized. Now, as far as your list, I'm going to start picking stuff I want to read...great post, friend!

    1. Thanks, Jenn! Some of those mss aren't worth reading!

  2. I make lists but not for writing. I'm not sure why though. I used to have a list of names I wanted to use but I lost that along the way. I do have a list of publishers and agents I've submitted to and what their responses were. That's about the only list I've kept. Story ideas? Have a ton of them but haven't written them down. Weird.

    Off to go make a list now....

    1. I used to keep that list, too, Sharon!

  3. I do make lists--usually of the things I need to do at school. Not so much with my writing, though I've recently made a list of what I want to work on and complete in order. I need to make a list of my outlines and one of my ideas for outlines so I have a record of them before the mind goes completely. LOL

    I noticed you didn't have down on any list Real Bad Burn. What gives? :)

    You have such great ideas for posts!

    1. Thanks, Jenna. This was Liz's idea for a blog topic. A Real Bad Burn is there, LOL!

  4. I'm a card-carrying list maker - especially lately as I seem to have too many irons in the fire and if I don't write it down, it's gone. Which reminds me, I need to make a to-do list for the rest of the week.

  5. I have a ton of lists, grocery shopping, books to read, chores and the never ending list my kids put my name on without my knowledge!
    I'd be lost without my list.
    Good post!

    1. Hi, Neecy!
      I should start making grocery lists.

  6. I make lists on paper: A daily hit list. Things for each kid to do. Things for the Hubmeister to do. Things to do around the house. And then I have Excel spreadsheet lists. Upcoming dates for blogs, profiles, etc. And then there's the list of things to do in my hubby's office - that one requires a binder.

    I tell you, listing is my LIFE! lol

  7. Wow, your list is very impressive!
    I'm not a list maker--I should be because I'd forget my damn head if it wasn't attached.
    Maybe I'll start being a list maker today!

  8. I'm a complete list maker, only problem is I tend to lose the lists, lol. Either way, when I do have them, they help quite a bit.

    1. LOL. I lose lists faster than I maked them.

  9. My jaw dropped when I saw your WIP list. How do you keep all these things straight? I can barely focus on two sets of characters. I have to tell my brain to shut up when it comes up with other ideas because I can only do one step at a time and I'm afraid I'll get distracted from the one story I really need to be working on.

    You're like Superman, D'Ann!

    1. Hi, Allie. I don't work on all those WIPs at once. Usually 1-3 at a time, until one strikes me, then I go with it.

  10. I think I have about as many titles as you do, D'Ann. Lists. Grocery lists I forget to take to the store. List of daily chores, only half get done. I'm really bad with lists, but I still make them every once in a while.

  11. I do, but usually not for my writing. Well, wait a minute, I have to list all my characters and what they look like and all the places they are if they're moving around. Does that count?

  12. I'm adding make a list to my list. Lol...seriously, though, I do make lists...and tomorrow I will tell you all about them.

  13. I confess. I too am a listmaker. Grocery lists. To do lists. And yes, I list my novels on one page, my short stories on another, my nonfiction articles separately. It's a great way to keep organized!

    1. Maybe I'll start making listss, Jacqueline!

  14. I have tons of writing lists. I do the name list too (Eden is on it as well) and I actually go one step further and write down last names I'll use one day. LOL How obsessed does that sound. But my day job causes me to run across some interesting first and last names, and I hope to use the ones that appeal to me one day.

    Lists are a great way to keep track of not only your writing, but things you need to do in the real world.

    I love LISTS! lol

    1. Christine~
      I actually began a story with the heroine named Eden. The hero was named Patrick. I thought it sounded pretty Biblical! LOL

  15. I still wish I did, but I don't think it's gonna happen.

  16. The only time I make a list is for the grocery store and maybe if I'm going on a long trip (which never happens)

  17. Nope... I don't even make a list for the grocery story. Nice list, D'Ann...

    1. I don't either, Sara. Probably why I usually come home with stuff I don't need.

  18. I make lists of character names I want to use.

  19. Pretty impressive list! Maybe one day I'll start making list myself, but today is not that day :)