Wednesday, March 28

Sometimes, You Need To Think

This isn't precisely a writing post, but then it isn't not a writing post either. Clear as mud? As I was finishing up a non-fiction writing assignment yesterday I realized I hadn't heard from bebe in about 15 minutes. If she was under 2 or over 4 I wouldn't have worried but as she's in the midst of 3 (and all that entails) I did worry. No sound from bebe=T R O U B L E usually. She's so mischievious and doesn't intend to do anything wrong but the things she thinks up!! You other moms out there soooo know what I'm sayin' right? Okay, back to the blog.

I call out, 'bebe, what's going on?' No response. Really worried now, I leave my desk and make the rounds. No bebe in her bedroom, no bebe in our bedroom, no bebe in husband's office. No one to be found in kitchen or laundry room (a relief sort of). Check family room and there she is! In our leather lounge chair that very faintly resembles the 'thinking chair' from Blue's Clues. She'd been about 50 feet from me!

'hey, why didn't you answer me?' 'just thinking, mommy.' Oh, so sorry to intrude. I sat down with her, cuddled her into my lap and asked what she was thinking about. 'really, i'm imaginationing,' she says, 'like you do.' I have no idea what that exactly means but I'm betting I'll find out sometime soon!

bebe and I sat and cuddled for a bit and thought about things together and read a couple of books and then thought about things some more. About 45 minutes later she turns to me and says, 'i like thinking with you, mom, but i'm playing now.' And she flopped back onto the floor and headed for her dollhouse.

Now, I'm not normally a philosophical kind of girl, but that 45 minute break from 'work' to play with the kiddo? Totally turned on a light for the new WIP - which I will hopefully be starting today - regarding the conflict for my heroine. Plus, I got to cuddle with bebe a little and I know these days won't last much longer. So, all in all, I learned the beauty of the Thinking Chair today: sometimes it helps you take a break to play...and sometimes that break is exactly what you need to break through a problem.

Do you have a 'thinking' chair (even if it's not a chair)?


  1. First of all, Bebe is such a hoot. I always love her Bebeisms ;)

    As for a thinking chair, I'd have to say mine is my carseat. A lot of times if I'm struggling, I'll just get on the freeway and drive--fortunately, lots of freeways around here. Or take a seldom used road that meanders. And listen to Bon Jovi while I'm at it.

    1. PS. I meant Car seat, not a carseat. LOL. I'm short, but not quite that short.

  2. I liked this--made me think of when I had to learn to write (and, face it, just live) in a quiet house. I enjoy it now, but there were some rough times there at first.

  3. I have a three year old too, and I know exactly where you're coming from :-). My time with my girls grounds me and makes me think logically about something, instead of with my head stuck in romantic clouds. That really helps me too.

  4. Ah, that's so sweet....I miss little Brandi, as she used to call herself.

  5. I don't have that anymore, but I wish I did. Will possibly happen again after Jullian and Michael stop talking baby gibberish!

    1. lol, Margie, car seat, carseat.. I love going for drives - the long, meandering roads are my favorites!

      Cait, you're right. Kids allow the dreams but help us think things through, too.

      I dream of a quiet house, Liz...but I'll probably have to spend a lot of time getting used to it!

      D'Ann, I'll bet you have a ton of Little Brandi stories to tell!

      Shawn, once the gibberish is gone, the fun stuff starts happening!! :)