Wednesday, April 4

Candace Havens says 'Finish Your Book'!

Hey, everyone! We're spotlighting published authors during the month of April this year. Today, multi-published and multi-genre writer Candace Havens shares a bit of her journey with us!

You have such a busy writing life – freelancer, you write for Harlequin and you write single titles, you run an amazing online writers loop and do an intensive workshop and you have a family. How do you keep everything straight? 
This made me laugh. I recently had surgery that required bed rest and I was really bad at that. Honestly, I like being busy. I get bored easily. I've had to teach myself to switch hats in an instant. This hour I'm working on a new book. The next hour might be working on a feature for my job as a TV and film critic. The next minute I might have to chime in on something as the President of the Television Critics Association. The trick is focus. Whatever is in front of me at that time gets my attention.
With all the changes in publishing right now, what are your tips for new writers?
Finish your book. A lot people talk about writing a book, but few finish and polish it. You need good critique. Your mom, dad, sister and aunt aren't the best judges of your work – unless they are Editors at a publishing house. Once you finish one book, move immediately to the next. It will be easier to deal with rejection, because you know the next book is going to be even better. And last, but not least, hone your craft. I'm 15 books in and doing pretty good for myself in the book world, but I still take classes. You never know what is going to help you get to that next level.
When you need a break from the business of work and life, do you read? Watch a favorite show? 
I read a great deal. I usually stay away from the genre I'm writing, but I love all kinds of books so that isn't a problem. Television and movies are a part of my day job so that's work for me. But I do have favorite shows. I like GCB, Heart of Dixie, Secret Circle, Walking Dead and Game of Thrones to name a few of the newer ones.
What is the best part of the writing life, for you?
I love it all, except revisions. I really hate revisions. But I like that I get to work at home. I love making up worlds and the people who live in them. I love it when my work connects with a reader.

What's next for you?
The latest release is Spirited, which is a young adult anthology of ghost stories. There are 13 different authors involved and all have written incredibly diverse stories. That's in stores and available online now. And the proceeds go to a literacy charity. All of the authors donated their stories.
I have a new Southern Steampunk series beginning in October 2012. The first story, Iron Demon, is a novella. It's about a scientist, who happens to be a kick butt monster hunter. And she takes on various cases. It's kind of Sherlock Holmes meets Supernatural. The first novel in that series, Iron Blood, will debut in March 2013.
And I'm in a new Harlequin Blaze Christmas anthology with Lori Wilde and Kathleen O'Reilly, which comes out in December 2012. We've had so much fun putting it together and I can't wait for people to read it. 

Thanks for coming by WordWranglers today, Candace! And, readers, you can find out more about Candace's books - and workshops! - at her website.


  1. Great interview. I love the cover of SPIRITED and also that the proceeds go for literacy. Good luck and thanks for visiting Word Wranglers today!

  2. Thanks for coming by WordWranglers today, Candace! Can't wait for your next releases!

  3. I enjoyed the interview. Your readers might like to know Candace has a Yahoo loop where some workshops are offered free. She really supports the writing community.

  4. Wow! You are one busy lady. I admire your ability to juggle all of that. Great interview!

  5. OMG Candance you are one super multi-tasker and an incredible inspiration. Thanks for taking the time to share your insights with us.

  6. Enjoyed the interview! I'm so impressed at how busy you are Candace and still manage to get it all done. Kudo's to you! Love your book cover and it sounds like a must read. Congrats :)

  7. God morning, Candace! Thanks for visiting WW. Wow, you're busy! I don't know how you keep up! I love the cover of your book shown here.

  8. I think this may be the prettiest blog I've ever been on. Thanks for welcoming me here today. Cathy mentioned the Write Workshop and I wanted to give you guys a link for the yahoogroup We are gearing up for some new classes, all of which are free. So join us. :)

  9. Word Wranglers...Writing Workshop. Today is the day of the "double double-u."

    As a happy participant in Candace's writing workshop, I encourage anyone who wants to expand their list of writing contacts and learn more about the writing craft to check it out. You won't regret it. Candace keeps us hopping with activities and workshops, and it's a great support system for newbies and experienced writers alike.

  10. I think it is ironic that I just blogged about Candace and her writing workshops earlier today :-) There must be something in the air...

    I'm still in awe of this lady's energy and enthusiasm towards her craft, and life in general. Not to mention that I love her books, of course.

  11. Hello Candace, it's me Neecy!
    I've taken quite a few of your workshops and here I thought I knew you so well!
    Great interview ladies,

  12. Hi, Candace, it's Krystal,
    So enjoyed the blog Candace! Glad to hear you are getting back to your superwoman multi-tasking self. Can't wait for the blog loop to get going again. I loved the workshop I took with you last summer. It was fantastic. I really encourage anyone interested in honing their craft to look into Candace's workshops.

    Great interview!

  13. Finish your book—best advice ever! I think you juggle as much as I do in a day, lol! Thanks for sharing with us today :)

  14. Finish your book. My fave piece of advice!

  15. Finish the book, write another. Perfect.

  16. Go, Candace! You are amazing!

  17. Thanks for the great interview Candace!

    I agree with Roxy, finish the book, write another. Simple, elegant, perfect.