Friday, April 13

Welcome Sandra Sookoo

Hello everyone. To kick off the weekend, Sandra Sookoo is our guest at Word Wranglers! Her new book, Cairo Nights takes place in one of my favorite places. Egypt. I've never been, but it's been a a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. So without further ado, here's Sandra!

Thanks for inviting me to the blog today. I’m so excited to be here!

In case you don’t know me, my name is Sandra Sookoo and I write romantic fiction. Why romance? Well, why not? Okay, okay, there’s a bit more to it than that. I love the promise of a happy ending. Whether the characters ride off into the metaphorical sunset to spend a lifetime of bliss in each other’s arms or whether they’re just happy for the moment, the fact is, these folks have found a cozy moment in time where everything “clicks”.

As a writer, it’s awesome when I can create those moments for my characters. When I’m sitting at the end of my tale and I’ve just penned “The End”, I can smile, sigh and think “man, this is a really good story.”

And because I write in different genres with different heat levels, I hope my readers think so too. In fact, I really do have something for everyone. I’d love to have you visit me:

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Since I’m feeling generous today (and because it’s Friday – woohoo!) I’m willing to send out book swag (postcards and bookmarks) to anyone who asks. Just send me your name and mailing to: with SWAG in the subject line!

Here’s the blurb for CAIRO NIGHTS, my latest erotic historical release.

Losing something you want the most makes you stronger—or an easy target.

Joy Debinham, daughter of an English missionary, hides a secret heartache while working with Egypt's poverty stricken. As she attempts to save the children from easily curable diseases, she has another interest—keeping Egypt's treasures in the country. But the arrival of Quinn ignites her banked passion and becomes the obsession that might put her life in danger.

Quinn Handry, an enterprising American from humble roots, has come to Egypt for one reason—the money. He's done many things for a buck, but brokering stolen antiquities is the most lucrative. In order to reclaim what he lost years ago, he's always on the hunt for treasures until the day he meets Joy and everything dims compared to the desire she invokes in him.

During perfumed Egyptian nights, the heat between them flares while acquaintances conspire to destroy them. Danger doesn't stay confined to tombs and pushes them to finally realize what matters most—if they can live long enough to claim it.

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  1. Hi, Sandra--glad to see you on Word Wranglers. I love that cover--there's something about a man in glasses...

  2. Thanks for being our guest today, Sandra! I have to agree with Liz. I love the glasses on your hero. Sounds like a promising read.

  3. Thanks for hosting me today! And yes, a man in glasses is very sexy! :-) I just love Quinn!

  4. Good morning! Welcome to WW. I think I've seen part of this on SSS? Great cover. And, yes, a man in glasses. Yum. Another one for the TBR pile.

  5. Thanks D-Ann! Hope you enjoy it :-)

  6. I like the cozy click moments too. All the best with your new release, Sandra.