Tuesday, May 29

Ten Things in No Particular Order

Because I couldn't get the picture I wanted uploaded-- stupid computer-- and the day is growing short, I thought I'd share ten random facts about myself.

1.  I'm a dog breed snob.  Well, not really if you ever saw my dogs, LOL, but I prefer stock dogs to any other.  Australian shepherd first, second, border collies, and then mixes of those two breeds.

2.  My birthstone is ruby, but I like garnet better.

3.  I started riding horses when I was three years old.

4. A lot of my youth was spent on guest ranches.  My parents supplied the horses.

5.  I love red dun horses best.  It's a peachy color.

6.  I cry at the drop of a hat, especially when animal cruelty is involved.

7.  I have longed to own a cattle ranch my whole life.

8.  I love flowers, and gardening.

9.  I'm scared of the dark and snakes...and not too crazy about spiders or mice either.

10.  My idea of a perfect date is riding the horses to a lake, roasting hot dogs and watching the sun fall behind the mountains.

So there you have it.  Ten random pieces of info that matters to no one but me.  However, some of those things on that list show up in my books. 

Your turn, tell me something random about you...and how it does or doesn't show up in your stories.


  1. Red duns are my favorite too, followed closely by sorrels. I drool every time I see a red dun.

    I'm the youngest of two children, but my heroes/heroines are usually only children. Might be because there's a age 9 year different between me and my brother. I never really thought about it that way.

    1. We have three red duns, Allie. 9 Years is like being an only.

  2. Love this type of post!!

    1. My hair hangs down to my waist.
    2. I got my first horse when I was 10.
    3. My favorite color is shocking pink.
    4. I'd rather shovel horse shit than clean my house.
    5. My wedding ring has diamonds and blue saphhires (saphhire is my birthstone).
    6. I used to sell Mary Kay.
    7. I flipped burgers one summer at Burger King.
    8. My first car was a Ford Pinto (omg).
    9. I bought my first house at age 22.
    10. The first date with my now husband was a 10 hour date - we went horseback riding and had dinner.

    I'm going to LOVE reading all the comments to this post!!!

    1. Oh! and only a 2 of those items showed up in my books so far.

    2. Your #4 made me LOL. At one time I owned a Ford Pinto as well.

    3. #4, ME TOO!

      I cannot believe you had your first house at 22! Awesome!

    4. 1. I'm a very proud Army Mom.
      2. I dream of owning a animal rescue shelter.
      3. I love to write but hate to edit.
      4. I don't believe money can make a person happy. But it helps! LOL!
      5. My perfect mate would be a sexy vampire. Yummy!
      6. I'm deathly scared of those giant flying roaches. I will run and scream like my hair is on fire. Its not a pretty site!
      7. I talk to my animals. Hey they listen better than any person does. LOL!
      8. I'm a Blackberry addict. Take my phone away and I'm paniced.
      9. I use a Mac and will never go back to Windows.
      10. I'm a hopeless romantic but unfortunatly my hubby isn't. LOL!
      I'm going to cheat and do one more.
      11. I lived in a haunted house once. I even had the creepy spirit push me down the stares. Broke my tail bone. No joke! It happened!
      Some of these show up in my stories and some don't. I think we put a little of our selves into every story we write.

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  3. 1.Yellowstone National Park is my favorite place to visit, and it definitely shows in my novels.
    I see there are lots of horse people here, so I'll add mine:
    1. I used to ride dressage
    2. I now only have a miniature and a welsh pony
    3. I love Friesians
    4. I love Australian Shepherds, but right now we own a labrador
    5. I'd rather clean the barn than the house
    6. I married my high school sweetheart whom I met when we were 15
    7. I'm addicted to chocolate
    8. I am terrified of bears, and don't like to backpack (two things that are a big theme in my books)
    9. my first job was cleaning dog kennels at a veterinary hospital

    oh, and my numbering is off, and I'm too lazy to fix it.

    1. LOL. Numbering off or not, you have a great list.

  4. So nice to know you better, D'Ann! Here are 10 facts about me:
    1)My birthstone is a ruby too
    2)I'm a redhead who spent one day in the sun this year and got sun poisoning—ouch!
    3)Before I decided to follow my dream and become a writer I was a Respiratory Therapist for 13 years
    4)I love dark chocolate
    5)I am terrified of heights
    6)I would love to own a cabin on the water someday
    7)My favorite music is still hard rock/classic rock
    8)I grew up with horses and miss riding
    9)I dream of visiting Ireland and Scotland someday
    10)D'Ann is the best critique partner I've ever had :)

    This was fun!

    1. My goodness, sorry about forgetting the spaces! Geesh!

    2. Ireland's wonderful--I want Scotland next, too!

    3. Oh Jenn - Sun poisoning? Yuck! ps: Dark chocolate is the best, along with D'Ann :)

    4. Sun posioning? Ugh. And back attcha on the crit partner thing.

  5. Oh, man...

    1. I've been married 41 years today to my best friend. I met him when I was dating a friend of his.

    2. I'm a cat person. Dogs and horses are beautiful and smart and for other people.

    3. I'm borrowing this from Sheri: "I'd rather shovel horse shit than clean my house." Because I'd rather do ANYTHING than clean house.

    4. I hate to exercise (almost as much as cleaning house) but have become addicted to walking. I've been doing it at least six days a week for 10 months and am really proud of myself.

    5. My college education begins and ends with the two classes I've taken since I retired.

    6. I love Pringles beyond reason.

    7. I like Chevys.

    8. I love living in the country.

    9. I love being a writer.

    10. I love old movies and rainy afternoons in tandem.

    1. Liz - I should have thought about the house cleaning a little harder, because you're right. Anything is better!

    2. Love your list, Liz, and happy anniversary!

  6. Great idea!
    1) I'm Canadian
    2) I bite my nails
    3) I'm afraid of snakes and creepy crawlies.
    4) I believe Nutella is from Heaven
    5) I'd like to be a cat in my next life
    6) I love Greek mythology and the world of the paranormal!
    7) I was a big geek in high school- seriously, the girl with her hand up in the air...constantly.
    8) I hate sweeping floors
    9) I am a classical singer
    10) I have slightly unreasonable crushes on many unattainable men.

    And yes, the majority of these have ended up in my books! I apologize in advance! :)

    1. I love these facts! Thanks for coming by!

    2. Woo-hoo! Another Canuck! We've got #6 and #10 in common too.

  7. Let's see ten favorite things.
    1. I enjoy children and being around children. (I never had any of my own so I stole every one else's.)
    2. I live in Texas so I wrote a story about Texas in the old west.
    3. I loved the time in the military and especially our four years in Hawaii. I am currently working on a story of a widowed female army captain with a daughter. The only part is hard is because I was an enlisted soldier and so was my husband.
    4. I love cats and dogs. Have had both before.
    5. I'm the oldest of all the kids. My dad remarried I was the oldest, my mom remarried I was the oldest. My heroine's are single children but I have tried to add siblings.
    6. I'm a widow for almost six months now.
    7. I'm a city girl that after living in a rural enviornment for twenty years have reaffirmed I out grew the desire to live a country life.
    8. I enjoy living in a military town with Austin just down the road. I might get to visit there one day in the future.
    9. I love to drive fast. Give me the open road and no speed limit I'm gone.
    10. I love writing and trying to make characters and settings match.

    1. Nothing wrong with living in the city, Kathy. We can't all live in the country, or it would be the city! LOL

  8. And probably six of those things show up in my books, though I never thought of it before. This is fun, D'Ann. I can't wait to read everyone else's.

  9. 1. I'm an avid weather fanatic.
    2. I have a website that shows my weather photography- www.weatherchronicles.com.
    3. I wanted to move to Nashville and be a singer.
    4. I played violin for two years in middle school.
    5. I am visually impaired- I have no vision in my right eye.
    6. I've worked one on one with children that have special needs.
    7. I'm a crier- happy endings, sad endings in books and movies and shows.
    8. I am addicted to Words With Friends
    9. I am a master at Tetris.
    19. I can't go a day without drinking raspberry tea, lol.

    And many of those do show up in my books, especially weather and music.

    1. I wish I could play the violin! I love it, but have no musical talent.

  10. What a great post D! Very interesting. Will have to come up with a list. I love reading this on people's ABOUT/BIO section on their sites.

  11. What a fun idea! :D Let's see...

    1. I used to be in the Army.
    2. I've been a bottle red-head for 16 years
    3. I'd rather watch an action flick than a chick flick.
    4. I lived in England, Greece, and Japan when I was a kid.
    5. I love crushed salt and vinegar potato chips on my vanilla ice cream.
    6. My dream house has an old fashioned library with a view out onto a mountain lake.
    7. I speak Russian
    8. I ran a gourmet food company for 4 years.
    9. I've never lived anywhere for longer than 3 years.
    10. I've been driving a mini van since I was 23.

    And three of these things have shown up in my writing!

    1. Wow, great list. I bet someone in your books speaks Russian!

  12. Ok...this should be pretty fun.

    1. I've never had a speeding ticket. (That one's great when playing "I never.")
    2. I got married when I was 20. It'll be 20 years this December.
    3. Both my kids have life threatening food allergies. (No nuts in this house.)
    4. I love my schnauzers.
    5. I'm allergic to horses. Really allergic. As in...I get hives allergic. My dad loves horses - not a great combination.
    6. I was a Junior Volunteer for 5 years at my local hospital.
    7. When I retire, I want to move to Orlando and work for Walt Disney World. (I want to be a host for the Haunted Mansion ride.)
    8. I've lived in Texas all my life. Four people from my graduating class from high school live on my current street. My town's a black hole.
    9. My daughter's a theater kid.
    10. I've met (and shaken hands with) Ian Somerhalder.

    Okey dokey, what's in my book? I've never written a book without a hospital scene. Most of my books take place in small town Texas. Each of my books has a dog. The heroine of my second book is a big musical theater fan. And....I have an extreme fondness for leading men with vividly blue eyes.

    1. I got married at 20, too! Working at Disney would be so much fun!

  13. I like this challenge since I'm pretty random anyway...hey that leads to my first item:

    1. I was on a bowling team named "The Randoms"
    2. I love the Beatles, John was my fav
    3. I resisted falling in love with my husband, but he was too wonderful to resist
    4. I am the youngest of nine children
    5. I love romantic comedies (no surprises there)
    6. My sister-in-law is one of my best friends
    7. Almost every dog my family owned was named "Lady"
    8. I have A.D.D. (my son got me a t-shirt that says, "People say I have A.D.D., but they just don't understand - oh, look, a chicken!"
    9. I meditate and do yoga everyday
    10. My maiden name was Betty Ford

    So which of these fascinating facts is in Love's Destiny? Emily resists falling in love with Jonathon, but guess what...? And she and her sister-in-law are best friends. No one in the book is named Betty Ford.

    1. What Shawn said! My MIL is from a family of 13 kids. The youngest of nine must be fun!

  14. 1. I have a personal addiction to Nutella.
    2. My husband cooked for me in nothing but an apron and work boots.
    3. My daughter actually said this at age three and it is in one of my books "It's never too late for now."
    4. I wear vanilla perfume so I smell good enough to eat.
    5. I get home and put sweatpants on the second I get a chance.
    6. I study everything I can on sharks.
    7. I had a horse named Magic.
    8. I spend as much time at the beach as I can.
    9. I have an affinity for thunderstorms.
    10. I believe in the paranormal.

    Yes - there is a lot of me in all of my books. And I write like I would say something. A lot of the sex scenes in my books are from personal experiences. Hubs likes to research with me now! LOLOL

    1. I LOVE this list. #s 2, 3 and 4 especially made me smile. And a horse named Magic, nice.

  15. OK -
    1. I'm a red head with freckles.
    2. My favourite place to visit is Cayman Islands.
    3. I have a 2nd Dan (degree) black belt in TaeKwonDO
    4. I love dark chocolate.
    5. I'm an only child (and I love it!)
    6. When I was little I wanted to grow up to a cowBOY (then puberty hit)
    7. Someday I want to go on a cruise - just to sit and write
    8. The older I get the more A.D.D. I....
    9. I used the bathroom in the Belgium Royal Palace.
    10. I belong to the best critique group on the planet.

    Three of those facts relate to a different book of mine.

    1. Superb list! I've always wanted to be a redhead. I have some strawberry, but as I've aged, it has grayed out. Ugh. Love #9 and 10 is wonderful!

  16. 1. I'm a middle child.
    2. I've always been an introvert.
    3. My birthstone is Ruby as well.
    4. I was raised on a farm and can drive a tractor.
    5. I met my husband in a ditch--and no, it had nothing to do with the tractor.
    6. There is a 15 year age difference between my husband and I.
    7. I watch reality TV.
    8. I love cats--my kids call me the crazy cat lady.
    9. Both of my parents are gone.
    10. I have terrible acid reflux, and I wouldn't even wish it on the villians in my books.

    1. Jerri~
      Of course your birthstone is ruby. As much as we're alike, how could it not be. I have AR, too, but not like you do. Ugh.

  17. Interesting challenge...
    1. I was in the pilot for the 1960's Western - The Cimmaron Strip.
    2. I'm absolutely horse crazy, but don't ride anymore because it hurts my knees.
    3. I used to jump on my horse without a saddle and using only a halter and ride into the desert to live in pretend worlds.
    4. I've done community and college theater even though I'm an introvert.
    5. I'm the best "car singer" you've never heard.
    6. I worked in radio even though I hate my voice.
    7. I was born in Texas, grew up in New Mexico, went to college in Arizona and live in Colorado.
    8. I love the sound of rivers, oceans, fountains, waterfalls.
    9. I raised orphan lambs with my daughter for 4-H. They tried to became house pets.
    10. We had race horses when I was growing up and I wanted to be a jockey...until I hit 5'7".

    There are several things in my books that come from this list.

    1. Hi, Diane.
      You had me at #1. My sister raised an orphan lamb for 4-H, too. Still tear up when I think of selling her. I was a leader for 16 years!

  18. 1. I frequently sit cross-legged in my desk chair to write.
    2. I live in a mission-style house.
    3. I've seen the midnight sun.
    4. I used to have a fear of driving through puddles. It ended when there was a pothole at the bottom of one that killed my tire. I did NOT fall through to China (my real fear).
    5. I sold fake lips to Graham Norton.
    6. I'm the oldest of four children.
    7. My favorite Ben and Jerry's flavor is Coffee Heath Bar Crunch.
    8. I have a doodle dog named Punkin
    9. I love urban fantasy.
    10. I think Neil DeGrasse Tyson is adorable.

    Yes, at least one is in INFAMOUS!

    1. Irene~
      Great list! I can't wait to read Infamous! I love the sound of the midnight sun, it just sounds sexy.

  19. Here's mine....

    1. I'm 7 yrs OLDER than my hubby.
    2. I married when I was 37 and had my only child at 38. He just finished the 1st grade.
    3. When I was growing up I had dreams of being a dancer on Broadway, after I had toured with the Rockettes. Unfortunately, I'm too short.
    4. I hate being hot! If the temp is over 85, I'm inside and I live in Texas.
    5. The day our son was born, Angie Harmon was having her baby on the floor above us at the same hospital. Yep, my mom was nosy that day.
    6. I'm a HUGE sports fan! Hockey and Baseball being my favorites.
    7. I had my heart broken one time in my life.
    8. I eat Little Debbie snack cakes before I go to bed and have for years.
    9. I hate dusting my house. I'll clean a toilet first.
    10. I never finished college.


    1. Harlie~
      You toured with the Rockettes??? I bow before you! That is a dream of mine. Nevermind I have two left feet.

  20. 1. I use a digital recorder to capture random writing thoughts.
    2. I'm a preacher's kid.
    3. My kitchen walls are covered in linoleum. (The house, circa 1918, is a fixer-upper.)
    4. The first time I was at the top of the St. Louis arch was before I was born.
    5. One of my cats lived to be twenty-one years old!
    6. My first car was a '76 Mustang I bought for $600 in 1989.
    7. I love Fritos.
    8. I have a hotel key card in the bottom of my purse. Oops.
    9. My two year old has a stuffed reindeer he thinks is Bullseye, the horse from Toy Story 2. I go along with it.
    10. If I know I'm getting donuts for breakfast, I smile before my eyes are even open.

    1. Love all these, especially #5. I have a bunch of kitties, and i pray they all live that long.

  21. Oooh fun! Ok, here's mine.

    1. I know nothing about horses, and I'm totally okay with that.
    2. I have a serious addiction to scented body products and only use them when seasonally appropriate (and I have at least 3 different scents per season).
    3. I'm also a stationery designer and have my own business.
    4. I have a thing for musicians. My husband is one, and so is the guy I was dating when I met my husband. And the guy I was dating when I met THAT guy.
    5. My favorite TV show is The Vampire Diaries. I read the books as a 12-year-old in the early 90s, and the show is a million times better.
    6. I prefer fall and spring over winter and summer. I HATE summer. Except swimming, and sundresses.
    7. I love to cook, but I am one of the pickiest eaters you'll ever meet.
    8. One of my favorite foods is edamame. I love it so much, I'll make a big bowl of it at night and eat it in front of the TV instead of ice cream.
    9. I cut my hair to my chin ten years ago at age 21 and haven't managed to grow it longer than my collarbone since.
    10. My favorite out of all the jobs I've ever had was shampoo assistant in a hair salon.

    1. Okay, Courtney, you lost me on #1. LOL Just kidding. My daughter is a picky eater, too. She's gotten better as she's grown up, but there for a few yrs...yikes!

    2. I know! I'm sorry! I just never had the opportunity, and then I just realized that they are gorgeous animals, they just don't do a thing for me.

      And I'm getting better too as I've gotten older. I'll try anything. I still don't like most of it, but at least I now like some fruits and veggies other than apples and potatoes now :)

      Thanks for the opportunity to share! This was fun.

  22. Ha, this is pretty fun. Love reading your lists, ladies! Very interesting.

    1. I attended school to be a European diplomat.
    2. Snakes make me lightheaded and queasy.
    3. I beat up a drug dealer on a bike in London (long story).
    4. My first car was a '81 Toyota Tercel I bought for $200 that literally fell apart as I drove it.
    5. I have a serious aversion to coconut and monkeys.
    6. I have personal space issues and hate to be hugged.
    7. I mimic others' laughs (no clue why).
    8. I love Scotland. And Scottish men ;)
    9. I'm a pretty decent cook.
    10. And I snore.

    1. I love this list! LOL Too awesome! I have to know why you beat up a drug dealer. You go, girl! I don't like monkeys either. Coconut...well, ok.

  23. This is so cool.

    1) I quit smoking 3 months ago.
    2) I love to sing when no one is around--I mean, sing really loud.
    3) I should have become a vet. I believe I would have been an awesome one--I'm really good with animals.
    4) I sometimes wish I had a daughter--I love my sons but...
    5) I was a hairstylist.
    6) I was a chambermaid.
    7) I can draw and paint.
    8) One of my neighbors annoys the heck out of me.
    9) I still watch Seinfeld and laugh my butt off.
    10) Ace Ventura, Pet Detective makes me laugh so hard I can't breathe.

    1. Quit smoking, Brenda??? Hooray!!! That's great! You should have been a vet. You would rock it.

  24. You have the 'funnest' blog entries, D'Ann!

    * = used in stories
    1. My passport is in my purse at all times...just in case.
    *2. I've always owned a dog (except while in college).
    *3. Love dark chocolate with nuts.
    *4. Need a green chile fix at least twice a week.
    5. I could listen to Gerard Butler speak all day long.
    *6. Hablo Espanol y Ingles.
    *7. I owned a Palomino as a kid and rode bareback along the river. Ah, freedom!
    *8. I have a lead foot when it comes to driving.
    9. I paid for grad school with money I earned from selling short stories.
    10. I want to be an expert pole dancer. Have you seen their muscles?!


    1. Wow, Sophia! Awesome list! Love it. I wish I could speak Spanish. A lot of my characters do.

  25. 1. I laugh really loudly when I'm nervous
    2. My favorite past time is daydreaming
    3. I married hubby after knowing him for two months
    4. My favorite pet is a cat because they aren't needy
    5. I can't sleep with the closet door open
    6. I have a paralyzing fear of rodents (another reason to like cats)
    7. I can write backwards
    8. Sometimes I babble and people have to tell me to "focus"
    9. I can't stand drama (unless it's in a book or soap opera)
    10. My favorite movie of all time is "When Harry Met Sally"

    Only one of these has shown up in a my books. A secondary character named Ella babbles a lot.

    1. #3, Shawn, makes me smile. You have the best hubs. And He has the best wife.

    2. Oh, I like this. I like Ella, too.

    3. Thanks D'Ann. I figured I'd snatch him up before someone else did. And Liz, Ella is one of my favorite characters!

  26. Heather M. SharpeMay 29, 2012 at 7:32 PM

    Hi D'Ann! This is so fun!

    1. I hate to drink water
    2. I don't like bread either
    3. I love all animals-if they didn't require chores or I didn't live in Kansas with both weather extremes so you have to worry about the heat in the summer and break ice all winter I'd have a menagerie.
    4. When I was little we raised peacocks
    5. I am SO not a morning person. My husband jokes that he won't talk to me until I've been up for 20 minutes because I don't make any sense.
    6. I don't like anything crunchy in ice cream
    7. I spend every weekend and Wednesday at the lake from April to November, and have wakeboarded in 45 degree water without a wetsuit
    8. I married my high school sweetheart 10 years ago. We started dating the first week of my Freshman year
    9. Before my baby was born I taught fourth grade and Special Ed.
    10. I am not afraid of the dark, but all the wild, ferocious things my imagination puts out there terrify me.
    11. I have to cross my pinkie toes all the time...my mother-in-law even crossed them for my when I was going into shock on the hospital bed when my baby was born. :)

    I've always been an over achiever...and MANY of these show up in my writing.

    1. Glad you think this is fun, Heather. I'm having a lot of fun getting to know everyone better. I'm terrified of water, so admire anyone who isn't.

  27. I won't bore you with 10, but one thing is that I'm sarcastic. Way too much...and that does show up in my stories from time to time!

    1. You, my friend, are never boring. You're funny as hell. Loyal and a great CP. Too much more too list.

  28. I agree these are fun! Hmmm

    1. Have ALWAYS loved horses, particularly Arabians; own one
    2. Love cats & dogs
    3. Have blonde hair
    4. Blue eyes
    5. Petite
    6. Have a tendency to bite my bottom lip
    7. Love the sun & warm weather & ocean
    8. Am a historian (2 degrees & 1/2 to PhD)
    9. Civil War Reenactor
    10. Love fast cars

    I know, TMI. Tell my son that all the time w/ all the stories he tells me from college. At anyrate, my heroines somehow are short, blonde &/or blue eyed, bite their b lip & all but 1 has had a horse, usually an Arabian. LOL

    1. Great list, Gina. I think I've told you before, but when I was growing up, we lived across the road from an Arabian horse farm. Loved it. I would LOVE to be a Civil War reenactor.

  29. 1-Garnet is my birthstone and I've always like it better than a ruby.
    2-My daughter was the smallest baby they ever kept at Vancouver Memorial Hospital. 2.12 lbs.
    3--I would rather do anything besides housework and most of the time you can tell it.
    4--My wonderful hubby does most of the cooking and laundry.
    5--I "have" to go to the movies at least once a week. Leaving for MIB 3 soon.
    6--My all-time favorite tv show is Alien Nation. Yes, I am a sci-fi geek.
    7--Sarcasm is a talent and I am really good at it. As is my Bix :)
    When my sister read Bix for the first time, she said it was like having a conversation with me. So, I guess if you like Bix, you'll like me :)
    8--My snickerdoodles get raves whenever I make them.
    9--My go-to snack is cinnamon jelly bellies.
    10--Someday I hope to return to Iceland--where I lived when I was kid because my dad was stationed there.

    1. That is one tiny baby, Margie. And WHEN will you be sending me some of those snickerdoodles? Hmmmm???? You know my addy!

    2. Hey Margie! My first born was 2.13 lbs. We have something in common. Living someplace like Iceland sounds exciting!

  30. Wow, fun post D'Ann!

    1. I believe in guardian angels.
    2. I'm an only child.
    3. I used to ask for lasagne and cheesecake every year for my birthday.
    4. I've since moved up to crab legs and steak...ha.
    5. When I was a teenager, I used to write notebook after notebook of poetry.
    6. I'm an introvert (INFJ)
    7. I have arachnophobia.
    8. I want to retire on a Caribbean island.
    9. My grandma could type 127 wpm when she was a secretary.
    10.I have RA and peripheral neuropathy. It's painful to write, but I can't seem to stop.

    1. Hi, Sydney! We have alot in common. #1 and #3. I have an only child. I'm sorry about # 10. So does my BFF. Write, write!

  31. 1. I have something in common with almost everybody who has commented so far including birth stone, violin, chocolate addiction, Alien Nation, vampires, and love of animals.
    2. I am completely deaf in one ear.
    3. I'm 5'2", eyes of blue
    4. I have a thing for men in uniform (this shows up in my books indirectly)
    5. I played string bass in my high school concert band - cymbals in the marching band. To this day I can't help keep in step with a drum.
    6. My grandmother visited me when I was six - just after she died. (I've used that in a story.)
    7. I spent 3 months in the Canadian Army as part of a youth program. I would have joined up if I could have trained for a combat trade.
    8. My first story was about the end of the world. My teacher phoned up my mother to find out if I was okay.
    9. So far, all my heroes love coffee as much as I do.
    10. I draw cartoons for fun.

  32. Great list, Allison! Love it. I'm really impressed by #7.

  33. I'm so glad you asked or this. I've been wanting to add this to my blog one day and been putting it off. Here is mine. Fun post D! I added a few xtraz.

    1. I was born with a heart murmur

    2. I married my beloved high school sweetheart (met Hubby at age 16)

    3. I've been a licensed cosmetologist for almost nineteen years

    4. My mom died of cancer when I was thirteen years old

    5. I'm half Italian and half Mexican-si hablo Español

    6. I love to joke around but often resist the urge in fear of making a fool of myself (regrets aren't pretty). Therefore, unintentionally, there always seems to be one character in every manuscript of mine that tends to be a jokester.

    7. I also love learning. Love sharing knowledge, words of wisdom, and inspirational quotes.

    8. I'm a little addicted to what I call gift basketing and/card making. If someone goes out of their way for me, I like to share an appreciation act of kindness.

    9. I'm a fitness enthusiast. My husband is a personal trainer and a kickboxing instructor.

    10. Love to sing but can't hold a note. Love to dance but no exactly sure I am blessed with a whole lot of rhythm (I don't get out much so it's hard to know.)

    11.I enjoy good food so please don't temp me.

    12. Love to draw. Love to paint. Love to design anything and everything.

    1. Mart! You came back! Oh, that's so great. You're one of the kindest souls I've ever met. I love to draw, but do it poorly. I can't hold even one note either. I'm so sorry about your mom, that made me cry. Hugs, my friend.

    2. AWW love ya D! You are so sweet!! XO

  34. D'Ann, this is a great idea....Here's my ten random facts.......

    1. I have a secondary social studies education degree I never really used. I HATED TEACHING!!!!

    2. I went back to school to become a medical assistant. I wanted to go to nursing school, but never made it. My son decided to make an appearance just as I graduated the trade school.

    3. I work for the Army as a medical secretary.

    4. I grew up on a small farm in West Central Pennsylvania.

    5. I write Westerns but never been west of Ohio. Which is just sad!!!!

    6. I'm married to my first boyfriend. We were set up on a blind date that ironically happened on Valentine's Day although I didn't realize the significance of the date when I set the time.

    7. I'm a huge Star Wars fan and used to write fan fiction.

    8. I have dyslexia and didn’t know how to read until I was in fourth grade.

    9. I read my first novel (which was the novelization of the miniseries The Blue and The Gray) in 8th grade. That’s right I hadn’t read a book on my own before then. I started writing my first novel shortly thereafter, which eventually I rewrote as a journaling assignment in 11th grade.

    10. I love flowers and have a huge English garden my hubby (and me) call the jungle.

    1. Super 10, Sara! So glad to see you here. You'll have to come to Colorado and get West of the Ohio line.

  35. Great post, D'Ann, as your always are. Wow, 10 things, huh?

    1. I wrote my first story at age 9.

    2. I am a cat person. (I like dogs, but I'm a cat person.)

    3. I was married on the summer solstice. (Shortest night, boy did I short change myself!)

    4. I scuba dive.

    5. The first ride I ever rode at Disneyland was Pirates of the Caribbean.

    6. I used to fence competitively. So several of my historicals have swordplay.

    7. I am usually the shyest person in the room. (So a lot of my heroines are bold.)

    8. I love to ride horses but have a tendency to fall off.

    9. I have ridden a camel.

    10. My husband and I met in the theatre.

    1. Hi, Jenna! Thanks for coming by! If you can ride a camel, you can stay on a horse! I would love to fence. My kind of fencing involves barbed wire and steel posts!

  36. Love this post, it's such a great idea!

    1. I love to read! I find myself reading street signs, cereal boxes or the back of a shampoo bottle way too often

    2. I met my hubby when I was 16 at the Special Olympics, we were volunteers

    3. I have two beautiful daughters

    4. I failed 9 th grade English because I refused to read a book that was assigned and it was the best thing that ever happened to me because I got to spend the summer with the most inspirational teacher, she sparked my love of reading.

    5. I love to swim

    6. I worked on a Trauma Unit for 8 very long years before I became a mom now I have the best job in the world!

    7. I survived a house fire thanks to my precious daughter who at age 2 saved my life by alerting me of the fire. I was able to save her and our puppy Bo with only a cut on her shoulder but I have permeate nerve damage in my rt arm from breaking out they window for our escape. I call her my supergirl!

    8. I own a Harley and like to don my leathers and ride

    9. I have swam in the ocean in the middle of a Golden Ray migration

    10. I have flown an airplane

  37. Wow! I'm impressed. My sister and her four young children survived a house fire, too, much for the same reasons. One of the kids let her know. Scary stuff!

  38. Great post, D'Ann. Sorry I'm late.

    1. I'm late because i've been in the hospital since early afternoon yesterday. I'm pre-eclamptic with this pregnancy, and the doctor didn't feel I would remain healthy enough to induce me at 37 weeks. I'm 35 and some odd days now. The baby should come by tonight or tomorrow.

    2. My husband and I don't have a name picked out for the baby! It's boy.

    3. There will be an almost eleven year age difference between our two sons.

    4. I'm an introvert (INFP)

    5. My hair used to be down to my waist. Now's mid-back level.

    6. I'm very pale and fry in the sun. Sunscreen is my best friend.

    7. To me, chocolate is its own food group. One I want at every meal.

    8. I have two brothers. My other two were killed in car accidents.

    9. I've lived in Indiana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. And in that exact order.

    10. The day of 9-11 we lived in Jersey City, not too far from the Hudson, which separates NJ from New York City. My husband worked in the WWC, but thankfully not in the towers. He arrived home after midnight because he couldn't find a way home before then. From our apartment, we could see the smoke and the area where the towers used to stand.

    I've used some of the above in my books, but not many. Hmm, that gives a lot of fodder for writing, I guess:)

    1. Lisa~
      Congrats on the baby! I can't believe you lost TWO brothers to car accidents. That's just beyond horrible. I'm so sorry. And thank God your husband wasn't in the towers.

  39. D'Ann. This will be fun!

    1. I was born 3 months premature: 1lb 14ounces.

    2. Doctors said I would never walk or talk, much less read or write. Hmmm...I actually can do all of that :)

    3. I grew up training horses.

    4. My first job was gathering cows for neighboring ranchers.

    5. My favorite game is horseback tag.

    6. I love to dance.

    7. My second language is American Sign Language.

    8. I was a middle school English teacher for 10 years.

    9. I have four children: 19, 9, 6, 19 months.

    10. I'm Irish.

    As far as my books and my life...I use some here and there. My current favorite was creating a scene with American Sign Language for my next book that will be published by Crimson Romance :)

    Thank you!!

    1. Hi, Rionna.
      I would love to learn to sign. You have a lot of things here I love. #4 and #5, especially. Thanks for coming by!