Friday, June 29

Kiss Me

Hello Everyone!

            I'm in need of a kiss. A special kiss. No, I don't want you to really kiss me, that would be a little disturbing. I want to read about your special kisses. The ones in your stories. How many ways are there to describe a kiss? The first kiss, the French kiss, the friendly kiss, the you take my breath away kiss. How about the toe curling kiss, the you've just turned me into a puddle of goo kiss? The taste like chocolate kiss, the top of your head to the tip of your toes kiss, the sweet first time ever kiss. In Life After, I've got a sucking the toes kiss. (Not showing that one here, too explicit). But here's one from Life After I can share.

            “Do you want to kiss me, Jude?” She couldn’t stop the words from tumbling from her lips.

“Yes.” The admission was simple. His slightly parted mouth was all the reassurance she needed.

            Kalyste urged his head down to meet her lips. They were soft, sensuous, and a complete turn on. She sighed in satisfaction, and let her tongue trace their fullness, gently tasting and teasing. Mmm, a hint a chocolate. She slid her tongue inside his mouth, reveling in the feel of his tongue against her own. The taste of him sent a tingle from the roof of her mouth to her toes. Her hands moved down the ripples of his sides and the bunched muscles of his warm, sun kissed back.

Your turn.  Show me what you've got!


  1. Great post. Here's mine. Andres and I had stood close looking deep into the other's eyes. I wasn’t sure what he wanted to happen. My thoughts went fuzzy. My heart beat fast. And then he put his arms around me. I pressed my breasts into his broad firm chest and reality slipped away. His arms drew me even closer to him, and his body responded down below. A wave of passion enveloped me and my body responded too. I languished that feeling for only a few seconds then pulled away and looked into his eyes. They were saying something to me. What? He brought his face close to mine. And then his lips. Our mouths met, and our tongues found each other’s. A season of wanting this man so much my soul ached, and now I was in his arms and kissing him him.

  2. Well, that was pretty yummy. Here's Steven and Carol's first meeting of the lips in THE BEST SUMMER EVER.

    It might be a good idea to push him away—she was pretty sure she outweighed him and she did have that good arm she’d been bragging about earlier that day. But the arm was busy with its partner hugging his neck, and pushing him away would just be—oh, Lord, it had been way too long since she’d been kissed.

    And she wasn’t sure she’d ever been kissed like this, because she didn’t remember a man’s lips—no matter where they happened to be touching—ever making her tingle all the way to the…well, no, not the bottoms of her feet, because she couldn’t even feel her feet. She could feel her knees, though, because they were threatening to give way right out from under her.

    “Oh,” she breathed, when he drew away. Just slightly. “Oh, my.”

    “I noticed.” He kissed her again, backing her up to the counter so the threat of losing her balance was minimized. She relaxed a little, so that her breasts were closer against his chest. And twice as sensitized. Oh, hell, she might as well be naked.

    1. I was wondering what their first kiss would be like. Love it!

  3. love this idea, Shawn! And there are some great kisses up here already. Here's my 'first kiss' from What a Texas Girl Wants:

    His lips were firm and he tasted of Dr. Pepper. For a second Kathleen tried to convince herself it was the sugar rush from the soda that made her heart race. But it wasn't. It was simply Jackson. Rubbing her mouth against his, back and forth, back and forth, she let her fingers walk up his ribcage and felt the muscles in his abdomen shiver in response.
    Good. So he wasn't any more immune to her than she was to him. At least they were on even footing there. Good chemistry would help them fake the honeymooning love-birds her family would expect to see.
    Clasping her hands behind his neck, Kathleen gave herself over to the kiss, opening her mouth and reaching her tongue out to trace the outline of his lips. Jackson's mouth opened in response, his tongue pressing quickly against hers and then withdrawing inside his mouth. The contact wasn't nearly enough.

  4. What a great idea, Shawn! Love what's I've read so far! Here's mine from my WIP.

    One hand framed her delicate, porcelain face and the other pulled her against him, resting at the small of her back.
    “I had to keep my distance from you, Arabella. Had I not, I would have never let you go.”
    He lowered his head and captured her lips. She leaned into him and released a whimper. That small muffled noise was all it took for the final hold in his control to snap.
    Sinking into her lush mouth, he kissed her with fierce abandon, as though he sought to claim her. And in his mind, that was exactly what he was doing. He was laying his claim on her in the only way he knew how.
    He poured every bit of emotion she evoked in him into his kiss - longing, desire, his lust for her and her alone, even his fears, the dark places in him no one else had previously known. In this one fierce kiss, he asked for her simple acceptance. Her acceptance of him as a man - not the monster others saw on the outside, not the laird who led his people, not the head of a family that protected his own, and not the arranged groom she would be forced to marry.
    She met his fervent demand with her own, which left him breathless in its wake. He reached out and fumbled for the reins of his control before he did something foolish such as guide her to his bed within feet of them. Tracing her lower lip with his retreated tongue, he pulled back and rested his forehead against her own. Their panting breaths mingled and their racing hearts beat in a rapid succession together as they held each other close.
    “Now do you understand why I kept my distance from you?”