Monday, June 25

May I help you?

I would like to be helpful. Y’know what I mean? I’m sitting here at my way-too-cluttered dining room table trying to think of what to write a post about. There are so many blogs out there, so much good reading (and admittedly some not so good), so many thought-provoking interviews. And then there’s me. I’m kind of tired today, sapped by the heat and the dryness—we haven’t had measurable rain in weeks, and can’t think of anything original to write about. Or funny. When in doubt, I always go for the laugh. (That’s not always a good idea, but that seldom stops me.) But I don’t have anything funny, either.

So, in lieu of originality and wit, I’d like to be helpful.

Do you have trouble with who and whom? Go here. Girl is so smart!

Do you love key lime pie but hate the three pounds you gain every time you eat a little bitty piece? Check this out. is so good I could happily (and easily) eat the whole pie myself. Don’t!

Do you love the tote bags you see people carrying but know you don’t have the patience to make one for yourself and don’t want to spend the money to buy one? Visit

Are you having trouble settling in to your manuscript or, worse yet, are you being mocked by a blank page and a blinking cursor? Set a timer for 10 minutes and write. Anything. Give yourself goals. 100 words or three paragraphs or whatever works for you. Then give yourself a reward—or hold out for another 10 minutes.

Did you ever wonder about what it’s like for a Catholic priest who leaves the priesthood? give you some insider information.

What about you? Do you have a tip or a website or an insight to share that might be helpful? If you do, we’d love to see it. Or, for that matter, if you have some originality or some funny to share, we’d like that, too.

Have a great week. Leave a comment. No, no prize today—we just like talking to you.


  1. Imagine being able to make a blog post out of nothing! What do you mean about having nothing to write about? I bet if it's a dust bunny, you could write about it. Now I have to go back and connect to all those links because I'm curious about every single one. You've made your day, and maybe mine too!

  2. Oops, forgot to give credit to my friend Diana for the 10-minutes exercise. We've been doing it in writers group. It's not only a hoot but helpful as well!

  3. love those links, Liz! Here's my tip - and it's an exercise one! - every 30ish minutes you're sitting at the computer, get up and take a 5-10 minute break. Play a game like Wii, walk around your house or the block a couple of times or, heck, do some jumping jacks or jump rope to get the blood flowing - and youre metabolism back up!

    1. Good idea, especially for someone ike me who can't sit still anyway!

  4. Great post! I need the who/whom one...!

  5. Liz, that's a great post. I'm now going to get the recipe and the tote bag directions. Oh, boo hiss! More distractions from writing. Bad, Liz. Bad girl! *g*

  6. LOL. Thanks for coming by, Joan!

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    came out weird the first time

  9. let's try again.

  10. Liz, You offered an awful lot for my vote you could write an interesting and entertaining novel on dust bunnies.