Friday, June 15

Who's Your Favorite Villian?

I've got a secret. Villains are my favorite characters in movies and books. The more twisted they are, the better. I don't know what it is about them. Maybe it's the fact that they're so unpredictable. It could be because when they get theirs in the end, I can finally let go of the breath I'd been holding since they are first introduced to me on the page or on the screen. I think the two best villains of all time are:

                      1. The Joker from The dark Knight. He was one sick puppy,

                         but he was funny too.

                      2. Candyman from the movie Candyman. He had this deep, creepy

                         voice that was also strangely seductive.

As for my favorite villain in a story? He was written by my cp, D'Ann. It was Garth from Burn. Hope she finishes this one because I loved to hate him and I'd like to know how that turns out.

My son-in-law also likes the Joker, and my oldest daughter favors Ursula from The little Mermaid. Go figure.

Who's your favorite villain?


  1. I kind of go along with you on Garth--he's just wonderfully awful. I used to work with a guy, "Bill," who was the original badass, and he really was. He was a doper, could be scary mean, spent more time getting out of work than working, etc. He was also the person I'd call if I needed help, because he was a true Robin Hood if anyone needed anything. That's my kind of villain--I need redeeming features, soft spots. TMI, right?

    Good post, Shawn, something to think about.

  2. Thank God I've never come accross any of the truely twistred psychotic type villians, but I have run into a few in my life that have come close.

  3. Garth is great, isn't he? So bad...but so...hard to describe. Most villains in books/movies have their reasons, and that's part of the draw for me. To see what went wrong and how that pushed them to make the decisions they've made. I love Joker - scary bad, for sure. But his journey is still interesting to me. As for my favorite villian...hmmm...gotta be Darth Vader. Love to hate, love to root against and yet, he was a teensy bit redeemable in the end.

  4. LOL Wow, I wasn't expecting that.
    I have to get back to Garth. I have so many irons in the fire right now it's not even funny.
    Movie villian? Hmmmm... can't think of one.