Tuesday, July 3

My Favorite Things

From time to time here on Wordwranglers, we have a Topic week.  This week, Margie picked Favorites.  That is a broad topic.

I have a lot of favorites, but I decided to go with my stories.  What at shock, huh?


Fave location:  Usually Colorado.  Sometimes Arizona.

Fave hero:  Cowboy.

Fave heroine:  Usually some type of horsewoman.

Fave pet:  Horses are almost always included, but I don't really consider them pets, so Australian shepherds.  I love cats, too.  That's a toss up.

Fave setting:  Ranch.

Fave theme:  Redemption.

Fave Line(s):  This is from an unpublished book, Branded.  It's in the hero's POV:

Cord grinned. He hadn’t meant to put on a show, but it served her right for catching him half naked. If she’d caught a glimpse of his marred back . . . his grin faded. Maybe she’d be curious about it; maybe she’d be horrified. Either way, he didn’t care to explain the reason why he wore the Riker brand.

Your turn!

Share a fave anything with me...book, line, character.  You name it.


  1. My favorite season to set a story in: spring or summer. I rarely write winter scenes.

  2. Ohhh - great teaser for Branded!

  3. My favorite giggle worthy conversation between my characters:
    "If I were you, I would just be glad he asked me out. The way your luck has been going lately, I'm surprised he hasn't sprouted horns and a tail yet. Then again the relationship has only just begun. Maybe he is saving that trick for the second date." Vivian grinned viciously at Kat when she narrowed her eyes.
    "Are you trying to be evil, or does it just come naturally?" Kat asked.
    "Vivian does dabble in witchcraft. If you are nice to her, maybe she can turn your luck around. Or if you're into the whole horns and tail thing, she could probably make Tristan grow them," Sabine said.
    From City of the Gods: The Descendant

  4. My favorite hero archetype = Bad Boy :-)

  5. My favorite setting is rural or small town, favorite heroine the girl who disappears into the wallpaper. Love your list, D!

  6. Milk chocolate! Even my hero has eyes the color of milk chocolate... I'm smitten!

  7. Favorite setting. Atlanta. Even the strange and unusual seems normal here.

  8. Book -Blind Lust

    “You knew I was coming? You looked into the future? You slimy, selfish little toad,” Lizzy hissed the worst insult she could think of. “You cheating, despicable, worm ridden piece of shit.”
    I so love Lizzy and Wesley in this book of mine! I was sad to leave them!
    Favourite movie-Sound of Music of course!

  9. I'm living and breathing my wip, so it's my favorite everything these days. Ian is Irish, Kristin is American. They're at an archaeological dig in Ireland. It's nighttime, and he's walked her to her trailer. She's REALLY afraid of the dark, and she asks him to turn the light on in her trailer.

    He studied her in the pale moonlight. “Scared of the dark, are ya?” he asked, his voice soft.

    “No,” she insisted, a little too fast, a little too strong.

    “Ah, then you’re trying to lure me into your caravan and take advantage of me.” At her surprised look he winked. “I’ve heard about you American girls.”

    “Yeah, you saw right through me.” Her tone was as dry and sharp as a cactus spine. “Now hold still while I put this chloroformed rag over your mouth.”

    His deep, sexy laugh tickled her heart, and she couldn't help but laugh along with him.

    “Sure, Krissy,” he said, “I’ll be your hero. If you tell me why you’re afraid of the dark.”

    Thanks D'Ann!


  10. (I know I should proof read before hitting publish...LOL)

    No surprises there, D'Ann... but I love your favorite things!!!!

    My favorite story has to be Gambling on a Secret (Jan 2013, Lyrical Press)

    My favorite hero-- toss up between cowboys, soldiers and vampires... In A Hunter's Blade (TBA, The Wild Rose Press), I actually combine all three into the same hero...LOL! I really like singers too

    My favorite setting-- Texas ranches

    My favorite line has to be from the hero in Gambling on a Secret--Dylan Quinn, a veteran Special Forces commander turned cowboy.

    “First of all, I’m not a ‘military type.’ Second, I never proclaimed to be a gentleman of any kind. I just like the facts straight up. There’s no bullshit to wade through to get to the truth.”

  11. I love a ranch and a cowboy...but a nice suit and an executive has its draw, too... My favorite character (so far) is Santiago - my ex-surfer. He's calm and cool but very, very driven, too... can't wait to introduce him around!

  12. My fav color - shocking pink
    My fav part of my 7/27 release Remedy Maker - the versatility of the world I created.
    Great topic to post, D'Ann!