Thursday, September 20

A Nothing Day

Today I am a bum. At least for the next hour and then I report to work where I'll have to rustle up some energy to get through eight hours of retail. But for now, I am a bum.

Okay, so the picture is a zombie. That's my nephew who Jordan zombified. And an example of one of the things that I am procrastinating. I really need to get her website up and going so she can start earning her way through her artwork. Yes, you too, can be zombified or ferrified, or any other number of animated styles that her pencil can wield. And soon, I hope to post a link, but not today.

But back to me. I'm just coming off two days where I had a couple of medical appointments and a dreaded dentist visit. Yep--that's how I spend my days off, catching up on yearly checkups. 

So today, I just want to veg in front of a half-done jigsaw puzzle listening to The Mentalist solve crimes.

I think it's okay to have one of these days every once in a while. But it sucks when if falls on my blog day. What do I want to blog about? MMmmmm. Nothing. My mind is blank.

So, there you go. Today I am a bum.


  1. LOL. I enjoyed your bum-dom. Too bad you have to go to work. Jordan is so talented!

  2. I love those days - nothing at all wrong with bumming, in my opinion. We had a bum weekend last weekend - movies, video games, a couple of walks and nothing else. Was so rejuvenating!

    Hope work goes swiftly!!

  3. Go Jordan!
    I am kind of the same way today, Margie. Not feeling like doing much at all. I've caught cold, and it's just miserable. Ugh. So glad I don't have retail tonight.

  4. I only have weekends off, and then it's housework and laundry. So I guess I don't have weekends off either. WAH!!! I wanna be a bum too!

  5. Everyone has one of those days that are just blah! And we all need a day to keep up with what's important, like our health, so I applaud you! (That's great artwork!)