Thursday, October 11

Where Have All The Heroes Gone?

Just for the record, I'm talking movies and television--because fiction, especially romantic fiction has the alpha-hero in spades. Check out the men in my crit-mate's books in the sidebar if you don't believe me.

The dilemma arose as I was working on my Bix rewrites in which I had him think, 

 I wish I could be the guy who has the confidence to grab the girl and just plant a kiss on her. Think Indiana Jones.

And then the writer in me thought, "I need a more contemporary reference."

And you know what, I couldn't come up with one. How sad is that?

So I asked my sister if she could come up with one. We considered George Clooney--he certainly has the lips, abs, and debonair in spades. But he doesn't use them to his advantage--I googled images of George's kissing movie moves and came up practically empty. Although there's plenty of him kissing starlets and wannabes.

Hugh Grant--one of my favorite faves--if I had an exception list, he'd be at the top. But he's a romantic kisser, not a heroic kisser--although this kiss in Four Weddings and A Funeral pretty much fits the bill.

But he doesn't really have an iconic role except for being Daniel--the wanker--Cleaver in Bridget Jones, and I'm not sure that's what Bix was going for.

Matt Damon--while a kick ass Jason Bourne--isn't much of a romancer or kisser.

See my dilemma?? What has happened to the alpha-movie hero? Steven Spielberg seemed to realize that while Indiana Jones' adventure would draw the male movie goers in my droves, that he needed a classic romantic story to bring the woman into the theater.

Ryan Gosling--too pretty. Rob Pattinson--too sensitive. Steve Carell-- too funny. Jason Bateman--too glib. Ben Affleck--too controlled.  

Where's the guy who's stare is so intense that you quiver in anticipation before he stalks across the room because he can't live another moment if he doesn't kiss you? Consider Rufus Sewell in Dangerous Beauty, Richard Gere in An Officer and A Gentleman, or Clark Gable in Gone With The Wind.

For my purposes, Jordan assured me that I can use the Indiana Jones reference as he is an "iconic character". And I agree. But, I'm kinda of bummed by my realization and I ask you again, "Where have all the heroes gone?"


  1. I'm not that much on alpha heroes anyway, and I never even think that much about the kissing part, so I'm stumped...

    There was a news story this past week about Marines who carried a boy across the finish line in a triathalon because his prosthetic leg had broken. It's hard to look much further for heroes!

  2. Good topic, Margie! I have no idea...and now I'm drawing a blank, too. I'd say Gerard Butler, but he's not really an action-hero (unless you count the movie in which he killed everyone...but that was skeery, not heroic). However, he has that stare and by the time he kisses the heroine you really want him to. So I'm gonna stick with him...and wonder along with you when the next Indy will hit.

    PS: Liz, thanks for that link. HEROS!!!

    1. Gerard Butler never came to mind. But I think you might be right. I'll have to do some Butler research ;)

  3. I like the alpha-male when he's done well--like Cary Grant or Richard Gere, the middle years ;) Although to be honest, I don't know that I could live with him for more than five minutes--unless he kept stalking across the room and melting me with his kiss, then I might last a few more minutes.

    And you're right, it's hard to top real-life heroes like our military or fireman, but that didn't help my cause when it came to Bix's dilemma.

  4. Good post! Viggo Mortenson in Lord of the Rings trio? *Sigh* Tatum Channing? I think that's his name? I think you're thinking your age group, and movies you relate to. I think you need to Google teen movies. Good luck!

  5. D--I agree--When Aragon pushes through the doors in the third movie--be still my heart. That's a hero. Yeah, Aragon might work as well.

    As for teen movies, they don't make them like they used to and a teenaged boy wouldn't watch one if they did. They watch superhero--Avengers, Iron Man, or raunchy comedies, The Hangover series.

    At the Willamette Writer's Conference, I sat in on a screenwriting class and Producer Luke Ryan said that movies are geared--for the most part--at 17-26 yo males, the mvp movie goer. Which explains why the heroes of yore have all but vanished.

  6. Maybe Edward from Twighlight. Never saw past the first movie, but since teen girls are going batty over him, he might fit the bill. Other than that, you got me stumped.

  7. I haven't seen Twilight either, although my daughter owns it. I think Edward is too soulful--I need a man of action. LOL. Plus, I don't think Bix would watch it--which is why Indiana Jones or Aragon would work, he would've watched those.

    My dilemma just got me thinking about the lack of romantic heroes in today's cinema and made me a little sad.

  8. So sad. I don't really watch TV. Ok, so I haven't had it on in months, so I can't help you there. And I'm not much of a movie goer, but Michael Douglas in Romancing the Stone popped into my head.

  9. Joseph Gordon Leavitt is turning into the go-to guy for lots of movies. He was a skinny dweeb on Third Rock from the Sun, but now he's all growed up and looking good! In Loopers he even got the girl, although only briefly...and he stood up to Bruce Willis! Plus the last Batman movie had him set up as Robin...he might do well with that.
    Jeremy Renner was in the latest Bourne movie, and since Matt Damon has never appealed to me, not only didn't I miss him, but once Jeremy shaved off that facial hair, I almost melted into my chair! True, he only gets 1 kiss at the end of the movie, but when have our fantasies ever stopped at the end of the movie? Sigh...