Tuesday, November 13

Down and Out

I don't have much to talk about today. For the last four days, I've had the flu. A really bad bout. I started feeling really bad last Saturday at work. I asked to go home after about three hours of feeling queasy. I stopped on the way and bought a Sprite to settle my stomach. By the time I made the ten mile drive home, I was vomiting. And it went on for hours, clear into Sunday afternoon. I don't remember feeling that bad for years. When I went out in the afternoon yesterday to change the animals' water, it took every ounce of strength and stamina I could muster.

The point of all this?

I haven't written in days. I have a lot to do, too.

I have revisions for Rodeo Man. I have three stories I'm working on. And I participated in a blog hop over the weekend. I need to get those prizes out.

I hope I stay healthy for the rest of the winter. I hope this was my one big illness of the year. Fingers would crossed, but I need to write!


  1. The flu's so awful--I haven't gotten my shot yet so have my fingers crossed. Hope you're feeling better as the day goes on!


  2. so sorry you're feeling poorly!! Haven't had the flu - yet - this year..hoping I can avoid it...

  3. Oh, that's miserable! I hope you recover quickly. And I hope you get a lot of work done in spite of it all.