Thursday, January 24

A Word or Two on Goals

It's all about goals this week on the Word Wranglers. I've actually been giving this a lot of thought. I've even written a blog to post on my personal blog--but I haven't posted it yet. Because then I'll be committed.

Therein lies my problem or perhaps its my solution. I need accountability. Since December, I've been thinking about some goals I want to accomplish and so far, they've just stayed in my head--where they're safe from failing. If I don't tell anyone what I want to accomplish, I can't fail. They remain pleasant little daydreams similar to my Matt Lauer interview fantasy. Oh wait, I told you about that so now I have to get on the Today Show.

See--when I put it like that, it's a little ridiculous--the way my mind and logic work.

So, what I've been thinking since December, is that I do need to make some changes in my life. Changes in my diet as I'm pre-diabetic, changes in my writing habits, and changes in my procrastination tendencies. I can call it "tactical delay" ala Worf (ST:TNG) but I have come to realize that I am the boulder in my path.

My idea back in December was to commit to one change per month--and I was going to post my eternal procrastination list so I could start making some progress on it. For one, getting a website set up for Jordan's artwork--note the rain fairy above. And really, there's little reason for me not to post on my RGSenechal blog because it's not like I've developed a following--since I rarely blog and never advertise it when I do, so it's not like someone would be reading and keeping me accountable. Except--what if I did develop a following? What if I did fall short one month? Yes, these are the thoughts that stagnate my growth.

So, now onto my goals--now that you've read all the reasons I put them off--For the rest of January and all of February, my health choice change is to drink 3 ltrs of water a day. I've done it before and I know it's totally attainable. I also know that my knees felt better than they had in a long time without meds.

As for writing--

A--I will send out five new queries a week to agents until I have an agent. 

B--I will finish Daughter of Greece before May--I have about 12K written at this time, so I think if I commit, this is a doable task. 

C--At the same time, I will be doing a rough outline/plotting for Small Town Armageddon and work towards finishing it by the end of the summer. 

And finally, find a way to stop procrastinating and become proactive in my life, not reactive.

Okay, so on this cold day of January, that's what I want to see happen over the next few months. Wish me well :)


  1. Good luck! I totally understand the procrastination problem. I big on procrastination.

    1. Yeah--love my time-suck activities. Maybe that's my escapism tool.

  2. Great goals, Margie. You can do it!

  3. Bravo! Those are great goals, and we know you can do them. I'd love to see you do more on your blog--your posts are always so fun.