Friday, January 11

Only In My Dreams

We're talking about favorite escapes at Word Wranglers this week. Anyone who knows me knows my favorite escape place. My dreams. Like Margie, I've had the big author moment daydreams, but my favorite dreams are the ones I have when I'm sleeping.

One night I dreamed that hubby and I were on a motorcycle ripping down the road. (Can't explain this because you couldn't pay me to get on a motorcycle.) Hubby had one arm around my waist, pinning me against him. I couldn't move. The wind and the engine were roaring in my ears. It was exhilarating! I woke up to find hubby had snuggled up next to me with his arm thrown over my waist and his mouth against my ear. He was snoring. Loudly. I nudged him and rolled him over but I really liked the exuberance I felt flying down the highway and wanted to get back to it. Too bad I rolled him over. Didn't hear a peep out of him for the rest of the night and don't remember dreaming afterward.

Other times I'm a bad ass fighting evil, or the mystery woman at a masquerade ball. I've had a couple of x-rated ones. (One included Ice Cube. Don't ask.)

 I even find my nightmares intriguing. Like dreaming the Angry Birds were these giant creatures that attacked Atlanta and Gladys Knight ended up in my escape vehicle. In the dream she reminded me that she was my aunt and had every right to be in my car.

The only ones I don't like are the sad ones. Funerals. Hubby leaving me for my long dead sister-in-law. (I was actually mad at him for a couple of hours after that one.) Or one dream where I was a big fat failure and cried all over dreamland.

Enough of that. What about you? Had any good, bad, or weird dreams lately?


  1. I had a weird one last night. I was dying. It was disturbing, but not scary. Like I said, weird.

    I'm still laughing about Gladys Knight. I had two Aunt Gladyses, and believe me, they'd have reminded me of that, too!

    Fun post, Shawn.

  2. Thanks, Liz! I think I might have freaked about dreaming of my own death. The Gladys Knight dream was kinda fun.

  3. I have the strangest dreams...and I'm not sharing! LOL Good escape, Shawn.

  4. The strange ones are the most fun!

  5. that's a cool dream, Shawn! I always have weird dreams when I'm on cold/flu meds - once I dreamed I was in a hot air balloon arguing with a horse. And a dragon was providing the hot air for the balloon - he was chained to one of the ropes. See? Weird.

    1. Now that's weird, but funny! What could you possibly be arguing with a horse about?

    2. LOL. Love this dream, Kristi. And really, what do you argue with a horse about?

  6. I have strange dreams that don't make sense.

  7. One of my favorite dreams was that I was flying--not really flying, but soaring and it was so invigorating. I had the best day from the dream residue in my psyche.

    One of my most frightening dreams was that I was being attacked and as I scrambled away, I got a cord of a lamp and wrapped it around my assailants neck and pulled until he died. Again, I woke up feeling oddly invigorated. Not sure what that says about me :)