Tuesday, January 29

Piper Denna is coming!!!


Last year’s pitch session was so successful, Piper asked to come back. So, Next Tuesday, pitch here!
45 brave souls stepped up to the mound and pitched (sorry, baseball season looms).
A quick list of authors contracted through their pitches:
           Laura Lee Nutt, Kyra Jacobs, and Calisa Selfridge all contracted a book with Lyrical Press.
  • Jennifer Lowery, Jessica Day, and Mae Clair have contracted 2 books with Lyrical.
  • Sara Walter Ellwood is in edits for her 3rd book with Lyrical Press…and she and Piper “found” each other here at Word Wranglers, a year ago.
So 7 authors contracted out of 45…not-so-shabby odds.
First, the good stuff. Rules for pitching:
  1. Please, only completed romances. Must be romance, must be complete. Lyrical Press publishes only romance, and contracts only finished books.
  2. Pitch should be 1-3 lines.
  3. 1 pitch per person.
Now, some quick info about the person you’ll be pitching to:
Books have always been my thing. I've been a writer since I could pick up a pencil, but not professionally until about 2005, when I wrote three novels. Through a couple of critique groups and thousands of crits--both given and received--I honed my craft quite a lot. After watching two of my books go through the editing process at publishers, I got the wild idea (the wild, incredibly overconfident idea, in retrospect), that I could do that.
After passing an editing test (yes, we have one, and no, not everybody can pass it), I became an acquiring content editor at Lyrical Press http://lyricalpress.com/ in 2008.
In 2010, Renee promoted me to Executive Editor, which means I get to herd the other editors around, in addition to editing my roster authors. I keep a “brag page” on my personal website, of the books I’ve edited: http://www.piperdenna.com/bragpageeditedworks.htm
And I still write. (When I have time, and when I can tranquilize that inner editor enough to shut her up so I can type.) My characters must endure extensive suffering and conflict, and sometimes they do things certain readers don't approve of, but they always get their happy ending.

What kind of books do I prefer to edit? Deep conflict, relatable characters, believable plots, and a strong romantic element. Because romance makes the world go round. Right?

Piper Denna

Romance is sexy!
Twitter: @PiperDenna
Facebook: PiperDenna


  1. This is such an awesome thing the two of you do. Kudos D'Ann and Piper.

  2. I remember the pitch session last year and how successful it was. I've got a book I was getting ready to pitch to my editor, Mary Murray, at Lyrical. Should I stick with that plan, or pitch it to Piper? (Piper was one of my editors on Scandal.)

  3. Love the idea of a brag page! I'm sure you're in for some great pitches!

  4. What about YA romances?

  5. Hi Daryl...thanks. It's a lot of fun. I was blown away by the response last year. :)

  6. Jenna, stick with Mary. We try to keep our authors and editors together as teams as much as possible. Besides, you and I know how awesome Mary is...as long as you're on her roster, hang onto that!

  7. Shawn, I love updating the brag page, and looking at all the pretty covers from all the cool authors I've worked with. Makes me feel all proud and puffy. LOL

  8. Hi Kittyb78. Lyrical Press actually closed to YA this past month. We haven't seen the sales we'd hoped for, so rather than continue on and disappoint authors and editors, we decided to call it quits...at least for now. Sorry!

    1. That's okay, and thank you. :)