Wednesday, March 6

A Spring Splurge

There comes a moment every winter when I can't face the thought of pulling out my boots - not even the cute, suede ones that look oh-my-gosh-good with jeans. This winter it's happened a couple of times, because our winter has been stormy and filled with all sorts of yuk. No, we didn't get the 5 inches New York did a month or so ago or the 10+ inches that hit the lower Midwest. But we've had several snow storms and more gray days than I care to remember. 

Then, in the middle of it all we went on a Caribbean vacation and came back to more gray. Last weekend, I hit the wall. I hit that moment when I couldn't face the thought of another day spent in rain/snow gear. What did I do?

Well, I spent more time than I should have wandering around BooksAMillion (anyone else sad that bookstores seem to be heading downhill fast?), browsed my way through Macy's and JCPenney and stopped dead because of the shoes to your left. Aren't they pretty?

I'm 5'7 so I don't really need the extra height platforms offer (and thank goodness RadioMan is TALL) but I couldn't resist the mint-and-platform combo. Aren't they just...pretty? And, tall spikey heel or not, they're actually really comfy, too. Wore 'em all over the house - winter, rainy/snowy and I'm not breaking all the fashion rules just yet - and not a single issue. 

Starting a new WIP is like this for me - a little brightness in the same-old-gray of finishing a manuscript. Because, as much as I love my characters or a setting or a theme, by the time I'm finished writing a draft, having it critiqued and editing it, I'm ready to not see it for a while. I'm ready for something new. 

How about you? Do you spring-splurge on new shoes each year? And after finishing one manuscript are you ready for the brightness of a blank page?


  1. I love those shoes! And I think you're right--there's just nothing like a new manuscript. Admittedly, I have way too many beginnings "under the bed" that didn't make it into a full book, but they were all fun to write. All springtime.

    Cool post, Kristi!

  2. Love the minty colored shoes. I don't splurge on shoes though. I was an addict years ago, but now I don't have a time or place I'd wear them...well, okay, but it'd be so rare it wouldn't be worth it. lol

    I'm with you on being over the dreary and gray. I'm ready from light breezes, open windows, birds chirping and sunshine. It it like starting a new story. Like you, I'm ready for a new wip after all the writing, edits, revisions and reading of a story. But after I put it away for awhile, it is fun to do a read through and connect and fall in love with my characters all over again :)

  3. Kristine, I'm with you. I'm SO over winter. Love the shoes, but honestly, I'd break my neck wearing those. And at my age, that's not a good thing :)

    And yes, a bright, shiny blank page is a welcome sight after revising and editing a book.

  4. I will buy anything in any shade of green so I love the shoes!!! I love summer shoes and always look forward to wearing them. So easy to slip on and off. So comfy! So cute! And I love opening my windows, hearing the birds singing as I type away on my keyboard. And the smell of spring. Ah...please, hurry, summer! As I look at the snow covering the ground here in Michigan :) Great post, Kristina!!

  5. They are cute!! And I know what you mean about the winter yuck.

    I haven't actually finished a manuscript in--oh---I hate to even admit it--over a year. I done revisions and rewriting on 2 books--they're being published in April and September, but I haven't written a new story since A Hunter's Blade, which published in October. But what I usually don't take a break once finished with one book. I go into writing the next.

  6. Sara, get that new story going! You deserve a break from revising/editing!! :)

    Jennifer, the smells of spring - freshly planted flowers, mulch/compost...birds singing. I can hear it now!

    Margery, this is actually the first winter since we moved North that I've gotten tired of the grey/snow/muckiness. But I'm at the wall. Spring can't come quickly enough!

    Christine, I probably shouldn't splurge as much as I do...but I just can't resist shoes. Kind of like the draw of a blank page, I just have to pick it up!

  7. Love those shoes! I'm an addict, too! I have ovr 200 pair that I have NOWHERE to wear! LOL I love starting a new ms. But I'm holding out one like a carrot so I'll finish what I'm working on now. Come on, Summer!

  8. that is such a smart idea, D'Ann! One I've used often...and, yeah, SUMMMER!!!!!

  9. We were supposed to get 12" last night but got 5 instead. No school today and no work for me! YAY!

    I haven't hit my wall yet. I usually do that in the summer when it drags on and on and the humidity level is unbreathable.

  10. I wish I could splurge on shoes. I have small feet-size 7 narrow-so there are few choices. So a long time ago, I switched to handbags. Now that's fun.

    Spring peeks out early here, so we are almost over the winter blahs. lol

  11. Yay for no work today, Sharon! Hope you're enjoying your snow day!! Oh, summer...the heat doesn't get to me like the cold does.

    Vicki, don't get me started on handbags! Ack! My husband is a *saint* for dealing with my shoes *and* my handbags... :)

  12. I'm a summer girl. In Atlanta, the pollen turns everything yellow in the Spring. It's so heavy, you can taste it. This winter, the weather has been crazy. One day we have snow flurries, and the next day it's 60 degrees! I love knew beginnings. It the middle that drives me crazy.

  13. The shoes are hot. I would break my neck if I tried to wear them, but they're hot. It might almost be worth it! Glad you're enjoying them.

    Spring time means outside time for the kids, which means less writing time for me. But it's so worth it to see them run around in the sunshine and have a blast in their sand box and with their fort.

    What do I splurge on? Books. I have a monthly book budget, and it's usually gone by the first week. There are just so many great reads out there. I'm still waiting for that superpower where I can stop time and read to my hearts content.

    Thanks for the fun post!

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  15. When I lived in Europe, I loved to buy new shoes in the spring. Here in St. Thomas, not so much.

  16. I've never quite understood the shoe thing. I own like four pair of shoes and they're nothing to shout about. And they certainly don't have heels. I'd fall on my butt or into someone else's lap---ooh, now I get it :)