Thursday, March 21

Potpourri Thursday

Usually I have Wednesday and Thursday off but this week I had a revised schedule, working six days and having Thursday/Friday off. Which means I didn't get to percolate a blog for today.
So you're now stuck with my off-the-cuff thoughts. 

Today's photo is brought to you by A Knight's Tale which I am watching on TV. I miss Heath Ledger. *sigh*
I just saw an ad for some drug and I wonder, "Do doctors take offense if you suggest medications to them?" I mean, it's their job to diagnose you and treat you, so when you're like, "I saw this ad on TV and was wondering if we could try that out this time." Do doctors care? Do they go along with you or tell you to stop watching so much television?

And do enough people listen to these ads that it's a cost-effective investment to advertise?


One of my favorite authors, Gennifer Albin, is posting writing tips--via Facebook--and her third one was about drafting and giving yourself permission to write crap. And I have to admit that's one of my downfalls--I want my first draft to be good. Actually I want it to be better than good, I want it to be great. (And right here is where my crit-mates are going "Great???" really?)
But that's what  I aspire to and when I do that, I find myself rewriting and reworking as I go--and taking way to much time to write a first-draft.

See--it's a draft. It's not supposed to be perfect. It's just supposed to be done. So--for today and tomorrow, I give myself permission to write crap. I think I'm going to actually say it aloud before I begin. "You have permission to write crap."

Speaking of writing, I learned that one of my favorite guys on Bones--Dr. Lance Sweets, aka John Frances Daley--wrote (along with his writing partner) one of my favorite movies last year. Horrible Bosses. 

I enjoy a good, adult comedy and I think Horrible Bosses is one of the best--right behind Wedding Crashers. 

And speaking of Bones--one of my long-time standbys--I've noticed lately that they seem to have a lot of "message" episodes. I understand once in a while, but lately they seem to be really trying to educate us. If I wanted to be educated, I'd watch TLC or PBS, I watch Bones to escape. It's usually one of my comfort-food shows, but if they keep preaching, I'm not sure---

Yesterday was the first day of spring and my sister's birthday. We went to tea and one of the petite sandwiches was a rueben. And wouldn't you know it, I can't get the reuben out of my head. See, reubens are my favorite-ever sandwich and I make the best reuben. But it's expensive to make just one sandwich. You have to buy the rye bread, 1000 Island dressing, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and pastromi. None of which are kept in my pantry on regular basis. 

Great, now I'm hungrier. AGH. Okay. I think I've randomuniated enough for you all today so I'm off to write a pile of crap.



  1. I love your stream of consciousness, Margie! Today it's snowing. The day *after* the first day of Spring. I swear, I need to move south!!!

    PS: You *so* know it won't be get it on paper, Lady!

  2. Kristi--that's so funny. We have a chance of snow showers above 1000 feet, which is 500 feet above me. LOL. But we might get hail down at this level. So weird. We've had the mildest winter and now--well, we'll see--it could change on a dime. Up to two days ago, we'd only had a half inch rain in March. Last year at this time, it was over seven inches.

  3. I'm with Kristi--I love your off the cuff! BTW, I have been known--more than once--to say to may doctor, "Hey, I saw such and such on TV. Whaddaya think?" I've never seen it, but I'll bet anything he rolls his eyes mentally before saying, "No, I don't think so."

  4. Great post! I miss Heath, too. Brandi I watched 10 Things I Hate...about a gazillion times the summer it came out.

  5. Liz--I can't believe you've done that! :) I seriously have always wondered if anyone ever does that. LOL

    D--Love that movie.

  6. One of the doc's I work with researches a product when the patients mention them. A couple if Doc's tell the patients to stay off the Internet. Especially when they diagnose themselves with deadly diseases.