Wednesday, April 17

It's a Cliff Hangar!

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So, I'm a weird television watcher. I have my favorite shows, they mostly change from year to year. But I caught the new version of Dallas last January and I've been hooked ever since.

Hooked as in, I refuse to watch, tune in to social media or read spoiler-y magazines because I like to indulge my soap opera obsession with long, indulging bouts of watching.

Last night, this season's final bout finished and...I'm just floored. Say what you want about the melodrama of soap operas (I won't discourage you, most are melodramatic) but nuDallas is...different. I think it's because the writers have really invested in what made soaps so popular in the 80s: over the top, character rich and dramatic.

For me, the characters make the show - these characters are familiar, and not just the Bobby/SueEllen/JR characters. All of them - the feuding, conniving characters have changed names (and actors) but the characterizations are there. Spot on. Every time.

Last season it was John Ross who got me. This season it was Pamela, Cliff's daughter. The character went through the wringer, and the actress did a great job, but the writers didn't forget to give her those moments. You know the ones: the moment when she finds a little humor, the moment everything turns upside down again, the moment she decides to take control. The moment she loses it. They showed us those moments and  as I watched I just soaked it in.

So as I started up the last hour of the show and I had a feeling I knew what was going to happen, I was sad. Because I didn't want the season to end. But I was also excited because I couldn't wait for the writers to surprise me. And they did! There is a definite cliff-hanger (because Cliff still has a few moves left, it seems)...

As in my favorite books, characters make the drama, enjoyment and obsession of a really great story. So, I said farewell (for a few months) to my new favorite Dallas residents...and already I can't wait for another new season, a few more twists and turns and some really great characters.


  1. Kristi, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Dallas. I was a huge fan in the 80's and they got me again. Was the last episode last night? Dang! I'm on vacay and didn't see it.

    Hmm...seems like you and I like all the same movies, TV etc. :)

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  3. Even though I've never gotten into the whole Dallas thing, I totally get
    the missing you're favorite show and not wanting to get spoilers.

    One of my new favorites is The Following even though it boggles the mind with it's shoddy FBI work. Seriously, would a killer right up there with Charles Manson be allowed to have unlimited computer access and visitors???

    But while I'm watching I'm totally sucked in by Kevin Bacon and company.

  4. Margery, yeah, the season finale was Tuesday - so good!!! You'll have to catch a rerun or watch online. Very good cliffhanger (and a couple surprising reveals, too). :)

    I haven't caught that yet, but I've heard good things. And that is it, exactly, Margie, I don't like the spoiler aspect of a lot of websites/shows.

  5. I have a lot of shows I watch--a new one all the time. I did watch a few episodes of Dallas but I just couldn't get into it. Nashville on the other hand. I'm hooked--I can't wait for the next one. You are right, It's all about the characters.

  6. I've gotten hooked on Orphan Black. Love the cliffhangers on that show! I watched the first episode of Dallas, but that's as far as I got.

  7. Oh, Jerri, my other favorite! Love Nashville - actually just bought the music from iTunes so I can listen all the time.

    Shawn, I haven't heard of that one...will check it out. I love a good cliffhanger.

  8. I watched the old Dallas but haven't watched the new one. I used to love all of those - Dallas, Knots Landing, etc.

  9. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!! Yes, I shouted it. I loved the original Dallas (even though I was a teenager when it was on). It even influenced my writing as in my obsession with Texas AND in that every one of my rich villains have a little JR in them.

    You are so right about the writing and the acting. I'm impressed because the young guns can really hold their own with the veterans. I will admit I was worried the show would falter after Larry Hagman died, but between Bobby and Sue Ellen (who must have learned a thing or two during her years of being married to JR) picked up the slack.

    I CAN'T wait until the new season starts next year!

    Oh, and I LOVE Nashville too... I'm really hoping ABC doesn't cancel it. There's a rumor that they are planning too.

  10. What a good post, and cliffhangers are such necessary things on TV AND in books.

  11. You all KNOW my fave show! Justified! I LOVED Dallas in the 80s, but couldn't get hooked this time. Dunno why.

  12. I'm a Nashville fan or more correctly, a Deacon fan. Love, love Deacon. I watch it just for him most of the time.

    Scandal is probably my favorite "soap" style of show, though .Great cliffhangers and the Pres and Liv??? So Hot! Best chemistry almost ever.

  13. I'm so out of my element here. I watched Dallas in the 80's (as an adult) and lost interest. Tweeted.