Thursday, April 25

You Make It Happen

 Remember this movie--Working Girl? 

You know what I loved the most about this movie? How Tess McGill decided it was time to take her life into her own hands and "make it happen."

Specifically, "You make it happen." In the last couple of weeks, I've been frustrated by a lot of stuff going on in my life. Like my real-life job--you know, the one that pays the bills and provides family with insurance? Yeah. That's the one.

Now, I'm not going to mention where I work, but it's a retail organization that is reorganizing it's management structure which means my position is being phased out. If I want to stay I will be doing basically the same job with a $5 an hour pay cut. Yep. Totally sucks. 

 To top it off, my husband got downsized out of a job last summer and is now only working part-time. So, the prospect of giving up my job is a little daunting--even though I hear I could make the same amount on unemployment.

But what about retirement and insurance?? See my dilemma? My job, while fiscally ruining me in the present, may be my future salvation.
As I've been distracted by these real life worries, my writing has suffered. But then the truth of my life came to me. 

If I want to be a published writer, I -- and only I -- have to make it happen. 

Those queries aren't going to write and email themselves. That editing isn't going to be done by the elves at midnight. And the new WIP's aren't going to add 15 chapters to themselves without my hard work, sweat, and tears. 

I make it happen. I will make it happen.

So I leave you with an inspirational quote from Michael Jordan that sums up my new attitude.


  1. Got faith in you, Margie. You WILL make it all happen. Good post!

  2. Love Michael's quote. Thanks for sharing and encouraging all of us. Good luck in your new adventure.

  3. Liz :) thank you.

    Brenda--I found Michael's quote and thought, "this is exactly what I wanted to say."

  4. PS--Brenda, thanks for stopping by :) I hit send too soon. And thanks for the good wishes, I'll take all I can get.

  5. awesome, awesome post - and I love the images you chose. That MJ quote is one of my favorites. I think I might just print it off and add it to my inspiration board.

    Good luck, Margie, I know you'll make it happen!!

  6. Kristi---thank you so much for the kind words and the FB love ;) I agree, I think I"m going to print the MJ quote off too, laminate, and carry it with me :) You never have too much inspiration.

  7. Great new attitude, Margie! Very inspiring post. I know you can do it!

  8. Congratulations on taking the plunge. I did it last year and am poor, but I couldn't be happier.