Thursday, May 30


Yesterday I was reading People Magazine and their back page feature is Five Questions With---this week it was with Justin Bartha--who I've enjoyed since the National Treasure movies. Seriously, waiting for number three.

Back to the magazine--his last question was, "When was the last time you experienced a moment of Bliss?"

What a great question! Just the idea of a blissful moment.

When my girls were younger and I did daycare for a living, bliss was warm bubble bath with a good book. The peace, the quiet. And I had an oversize tub that you just sunk into. That's probably the only thing I miss about that house.

Today, after a long nigh at work--a quiet house is my bliss. (Are we sensing a theme here/ I vant to be alone)  Now, that night owl Jordan isn't in school, she's usually awake and wanting attention, so those moments are rare.

So, I find bliss in a good book--today it's Kristan Higgans' To Good To Be True
Or in moments in my garden. Well, I would if the rain would stop. We had a beautiful April--see my Clematis in bloom a few weeks ago--but we're making up for rain in May. 

Or in my writing. Right now my WIP is a YA novel about an Asperger's girl who invents an energy machine responsible for the destruction of her small town--save three survivors--her, the head cheerleader, and a nerdy boy.

Here's her description of herself:

I know I’m not the daughter she envisioned. I don’t do the shopping or the make-up thing. I’m happy with my hair as long as it’s out of my eyes and off the nape of my neck. Mom wanted a princess clone and she got me.

My last blissful dream is the coast. Now the coast of Oregon is different than the Eastern seaboard. Our beaches are ragged, rocky, windy, rainy--oh, but a day at the beach is better than a day at home. 

The lighthouse picture is from a trip I took last month with my mom and sister.  

So--where do you find your bliss?? 


  1. I think I found it in your pictures today! :-) Nice, Margie.

  2. Thanks, Liz :) I forgot to mention that the last picture is of Cannon Beach

  3. Oh my goodness your garden is beautiful! Bliss for me is a nice quiet house. In laws and son all cleared out this week. I love their visits, but I like the peace too.

  4. I know that lighthouse so well. It's is the location of my award-winning historical romance, Forever Mine. I just wish I could get my clematis to grow as well as yours does.