Monday, May 27

What do you read?(

I'm puny today, so I'm not going to subject you to any soliloquies on my sore throat or even on how I feel about writing, but I do have a question for you.

I've been on the love seat for a while, sniffling and drinking liquids and reading. It occurred to me, as I read a Candace Hern book (liked it very much but it was longer than I thought it should be and I skimmed over some of it--my apologies to the author; she deserves better than me as a reader) and delved into Alicia Rasley's Charity Begins at Home (I love it), that at least 60 percent of my reading is in subgenres that I don't write.

I write contemporary, and I love reading it, too, but my comfort reads are Regency and Americana and even cozy mysteries. I really wonder, as I'm blowing my nose and sneezing and feeling really sorry for myself, if I'm an anomaly in that. What about you? What do you read?


  1. I love historical mysteries especially the Sebastian St. Cyr stories by C.S. Harris. And anything by Margaret George. I'm reading Elizabeth I right now by her. It's great. I also love westerns by Frank Leslie his Yakima Henry and Colt Farrow stories. I write contemporary western.

    Feel better!

    Cheryl G

  2. Right off, so sorry you're feeling crummy. Hope that improves as the weather is supposed to improve and you're sunny and bright soon.

    I write contemporary romance, and I read that, but I also read lots of political suspense and romantic suspense. Comfort reads are Gene Stratton Porter and Lucy Maud Montgomery...I've read "The Harvester" probably 30 there really a more romantic hero than David Langston or Gilbert Blythe?

  3. Hi, Liz! While I do love to read in the genre I write--Civil War, Victorian American and time travel--I also read widely in other romance and non-romance genres, including science fiction and futuristic, contemporary and thriller/suspense.

    I read other historical periods, too; including medieval, World War II and early twentieth century.

    Just wish I had more time to indulge my reading hobby.

  4. Oh, Liz, I hope you're feeling better soon. A good book is always a comfort. I consider it a real waste when I'm so sick I don't feel like reading :)

    I read what I love (history of all kinds) so I read non-fiction as well as fiction, straight historical and historical romance. Most of my friends write non-historical, and I read their books, of course. I usually don't read in the genre I'm writing in at the time, so when I'm writing medieval I read other-than medieval, etc.

  5. Feeling some better tonight. I love the variety of reads! Thanks to everyone for coming by.

  6. Being able to read is about the only good aspect to being sick! I read just about anything, depending on what presents itself. I just finished Sandra Brown's "Hello, Darkness" - it had me second-guessing things almost to the end, and just began Theo Knell's "A Hell for Heroes" - an autobiographical account with poetry mixed in.

  7. I hope you're feeling better, Liz!
    I read's just my go-to read. I do some mystery, some straight romance, but if I have a choice, it's always to suspense!

  8. I read all over the board--YA, Contemp, suspense, romance--lately I've been into romances, but I just got the second Sam Capra book by Jeff Abbott, so I might be in for a page-turner. Hope you're feeling better :)