Thursday, June 6

Look, The Sun and Other Good News

 Part of finding Good News is the ability to look for it. Since I don't have any earth-shattering news to share I went in seach of it.

Today started out in sunshine. Big yellow ball in the sky. Yay! 

My flowers are loving it. And many are in full bloom. My beloved honeysuckles are erupting and fill the air with a sweetness. Who needs air-freshners when you have honeysuckle outside the front door?

My wildflowers are well, pretty damn wild. 

Here's a hint: Don't scatter foxglove seeds if you don't really want foxglove. Or better yet--pay attention to where you scatter them--because they will come up. In spades. Am I going to scatter more this year? Damn right. But I have a patch to the right in the picture below that is short flowers that I'm going to dump them in to come up between them. Hopefully my plan will work.
There's some purple spiky things
in the picture with one of my three wishing wells.

I planted those last year in one location and suddenly they are everywhere. Birds and butterflies must have had a field day at my house last summer or this spring.

The only drawback to my wildflower garden that surrounds my enormous patio is that I didn't leave an out. 

Nobody said I was the best plotter :)

Okay, enough of the garden. Other good news. Today while I was writing, agent Suzie Townsend tweeted a give-away for Cora Carmack's Faking It and I won a Kindle Copy.

 A couple of weeks ago, I had an agent request via Musetracks. While it ended up in a rejection, this is what she said:

Thanks for sending in your material - I thought your pitch was great! This one came close for me: I love the concept and the narrative is engaging and funny. But in the end I didn't fully connect with the voice. I'm sorry to disappoint,
Um--she didn't bolden those sentences, that was all me. It's all I saw or wanted to see. 

And finally---

This week--in my day job--I found out that I am being transferred. This is a good thing. Extremely. The store that I've been at for the past two years is a lot like the pink-goo in Ghostbusters 2. I know, kind of an archaic reference.
 But take yourself back---when the pink goo was around negative energy, it got worked up and exploded. 

That's the store I've been at. There's like a river of pink slime running beneath that store that thrives on the negative energy. And trust me, it sucks the optimism right out of you sometimes. And in my deepest of hearts, I am an eternal optimist. Which you must have realized by just reading my post.  

And my new manager? She's great. An extreme perfectionalist who talks in exclamation points and is excited that I'm coming to work for her. 

So, there you go--good news abounds at Word Wranglers.


  1. I love your garden! And your news - congrats on the transfer...and despite the pass, what the agent had to say about Bix is AWESOME!!!

  2. Thanks Kristi--my goal is to get the garden so overgrown that it will choke the weeds into submission. Not working yet.

    And I loved what she had to say, but I think it's ironic that agents say they didn't connect with the voice but thought the narrative was engaging and funny. HUH? How is that even possible? The voice is the narrative--at least in this book.

    Oh well, someday, an agent or editor will fall in love with Bix. If only his prince or princess would come :)

  3. Thanks for the gorgeous pics of your garden. :)

    Congrats on your new job transfer and UBER congrats on the agent's comments. I don't understand why she passed if she liked the narrative so much.

    Glad you're having a good day,

    Cheryl G

  4. Thanks Cher! I'm glad you like the pics of my garden--that's where I spend my off time when I'm not writing, reading, working, or movieing. You'll notice I never show pics of what's going on inside my house--too scary

  5. Oh, I love your flowers, and I'm so happy about your Good News. Even the R is promising. But the job--that's great! Hugs on you, Margie!

  6. Thanks Liz--so glad you deemed it Good News Week. It's been fun reading.

  7. Hugs on the reject. Darn agents anyway. Sigh.

    I LOVE your flowers. Wow, pretty!

    And good news on the transfer! Yay!

  8. Your blue and white campanula and purple foxglove looks really nice. Is this from this year? My foxglove hasn't considered blooming yet. I've got another month to go.

    Oh and foxglove is deadly. Just a few leaves in the tea...and you've got a murder mystery.

  9. D--thank you! I've decided to stay in the frame of mind that I want an agent who loves Bix as much you guys do!

    Liza-Campanula? I always call them bluebells and now, whitebells. The white ones just appeared this year--no idea where they migrated from. And I love both of them so I don't care that they like to garden hop.

    I live in the Portland Metro Area and we had an unusually warm April--not to mention a super mild winter-- this year and everything is blooming early. My honeysuckle was also early.

    I have enough foxglove to plan a mass murder. Mmmm. Too bad I don't write mysteries. What if someone made a tea with foxglove and sold it at Farmer's Market and people started dropping like flies? Domestic terrorism at it's very roots. Mmmmm

  10. PS--the pictures were taken this morning