Wednesday, June 5

News? You Want News?

So you want a little good news, hmmm? Well, Liz did set up the week this way, didn't she?

Let's see...our deck project, the one that didn't seem like it would ever be done is...well, done. After starting and stopping multiple times because of inspector issues and weather issues and then more inspector issues and then a car accident that stopped our contractor from doing anything...And I think it turned out quite well. I can't wait for the weather to really warm up so we can eat outside, and enjoy our new space!

Oh, you wanted writing news? Oh! I've got something! This past year has been an amazing first year in publishing - I've sold five books to two different publishers and gotten pretty good deals all on my own. Three of those books were a series, and two books in that series were sold on proposal (synopsis, 1 chapter). I'm proud of what I've done on my own. But I have other goals for this crazy writing life I'm in. Goals that require a partner with a little more reach than I have all on my own. And so, I signed with an agent! Signing with an agent was something that I thought long and hard about because I've read all the blogs and articles telling authors that in this brave new world of digital publishing, in which we can do it all ourselves, there is no reason to sign with an agent. The rationale seems to be that agents are blood-suckers who will only take 15% of our income without giving us anything back.


I don't agree. After careful consideration of what I want from a writing career, where I want to see my books published and the money I want to earn (that's right, I went there) signing with this particular agent made sense to me. She is a person I can take new (and strange) ideas to, a person who helps me create a solid plan that I can use to meet those goals I was talking about, and a person who will fight for my stories with editors, read contracts and suss out those pesky clauses that I might otherwise miss.

For me, signing with an agent makes sense, because brave new world or not, there are goals that I have which an agent will help me achieve. I've been 'signed' for a little more than a month at this point, so it's all new and fun and exciting. The future is bright, just as it's been since I wrote my first story - the Story That Shall Only Live On My Harddrive - and I'm really excited to see where this new road leads...

Okay, readers, your turn - what's your good news?


  1. Yay for the agent! And the deck. I think an agent is a good choice for you. It sounds like you and I have the same goals and an advocate in your corner will help immensely. I can't wait to see what good news you have in the future.

  2. Oh, good news for me is the debut release of two of my books! A First Love Never Dies and Wolf's Paradox! Huzzah!

    Glad you got your deck finished and Congrats on an Agent! Yay for you! Well done, well done indeed! *offers cookies just because she can!*

  3. You are just brimming! And I'm so happy for you!

  4. I like your good news! Let's see...the 4 things out there haven't been rejected. lol and am nearing finishing two needlepoint projects. Yeah, me!

  5. Sharon, we do, indeed, have some of the same goals! Couldn't be happier with the path I've's to more good news!

    Margaret, I will take those cookies because, well, I can never resist they come with good news from you - congrats on your first 2 book releases!!!

    Thanks, Liz, the future is definitely bright!

    Vicki, good luck with those submissions...and I wanna see those needlepoint projects, kay? Love a little crafty-time! :D

  6. Hi Kristina!

    This is my first visit to WordWranglers, but it won't be my last. Great site :)

    Congratulations on signing with an agent - I think it's a wise decision and opens the door to so many more opportunities. I love mine, too, and chose that route for the same reasons.

    My good news? The release of my debut contemporary romance novella from Lyrical Press. Here's hoping for more good news all around.

    Best wishes from D.B. Sieders

  7. Congrats, my friend! You're going to go faaaaarrrr!!! I love the deck, too!

  8. Congratulations, Kristi! A landmark decision, but a good one, I think. Bet this is going to be a fantastic summer on that deck!

  9. Hi, Dana! Thanks for visiting us here at the Wranglers' site ~ we look forward to you coming back! Congrats on your debut release - enjoy the moment, it is certainly sweet!

    Thanks, D'Ann...:D

    Oh, I think so, too, Jenna. We're heading out there is just a few minutes for some dinner.

  10. Beautiful deck! Patience and persistence paid off--just like your career:)

  11. Good luck with the new agent! And congrats on the deck.

    I signed a three book contract with Kensington for my California cozy mystery series. So I'm busy figuring out how to kill people. In a nice way of course.

  12. I love the accomplishments you shared! I'm busy in promotion hell, with a science fiction romance novel released two weeks ago and a YA post-apocalyptic novel--kind of Hunger Games meets Crash-- coming next week. So excited to have too books out, but there's a definite down side, too!

  13. Congratulations on the agent and the deck!! I tweeted.