Thursday, June 20

Running on Empty or Not.

I got nothing today. 

This has been a week of change for me. Not only did I start at a new store (my day job) and get to meet new people--lots of employees to remember the names of. I think on Saturday, my first day there as their new assistant manager, I met like 10 employees. I was used to a three-five employee shift and that was including the pharmacy.

On Saturday, one of the employees asked me if she could give Maria her lunch. I said, "Who's Maria?" Yep. One of those days. But I'm getting acquainted and picking up speed--both physical and mental. And I feel it's going to be a good thing once I get my used to the being busy thing again.

But my week started last Friday when I was involved in a car accident. A four-car mini pile up that resulted in this: 

Being the third car--behind an SUV--in a four car rear-ending bash did not bode well for my little Corolla.

I am now driving a rental and a little bit paranoid about getting even a scratch on it. And waiting for the insurance company judgement and that is not coming fast enough. I feel like I'm on hold--at least as far as my transportation goes.

And have you ever noticed that when something in your life is on hold, your muse seems to either run rampant or run away? I thought mine had run away but yesterday I heard "Hey, there Delilah" by the Plain White T's on the radio and I started thinking about the story behind the song and what if I wrote a fictionalized version as a New Adult Romance? 

This morning I woke up with the characters talking in my head and got up to scribble down bits of dialogue and plot points. I don't know if it will go anywhere, but  at least I know my muse isn't dormant.

Yay for that. Stay safe and have a great weekend.


  1. OH, you've had a *week*, Margie! But that story sounds promising - love that song! Good luck!!

  2. I've had the idea for a while but as a reunion romance--but this idea might work too. At least it's writing something :) And I love the song -- actually I love most of their songs.

  3. Yes, what a week, but am so glad both you and your muse are safe!

  4. Checking in from Ohio. You've had one heck of a week, Margie! Good luck on the new job and the new story.

  5. So glad you're okay, Margie. *shudders* at that car. Yikes. Your new story sounds good...when can we see it???

  6. Thanks everyone for coming by--I closed last night, opened this morning and am just now getting around to comment. I"m loving my new job and D--when I get a few chapters under my belt, I'll let you all look at it :)

    Stay tuned..