Thursday, July 18

Another Edition of Random Thoughts

How many baseballs do they go through in the average major league game?  And do you call them baseball balls? Or just baseballs? Because baseball is the name of the game and the name of the ball. 

My softball-playing daughter assures me that just baseball is the right term. And a Google search reveals that 120 balls are the average amount of balls used. Do you know they have to toss a ball if it touches the dirt? I can’t help but think that Spalding, the baseball supplier, must be on the baseball board. 

“Yes, should a ball touch dirt, it might affect the trajectory of the next hit.” Or something akin that. You’d think in this day and age that they could come up with some sort of baseball that could withstand a little dirt smudge.

Do assassins get carpal tunnel? This question came to me as I was trying—quite unsuccessfully—to power wash the patio. I have carpal tunnel and the squeezing of the trigger was quite painful. My power washing attempt appears as if a small child was released to my patio with a bleach crayon—if they made such a thing. I think I see a mushroom in one picture and perhaps Saturn in another. Maybe it’s a homage to my new car. That must be it.

But back to the question. Do assassins or snipers get carpal tunnel? Evidently they don’t post much on online because Google was no help to me on this one.

Have you seen the previews for the new Ryan Reynolds/Jeff Bridges movie, RIPD? In the movie, Ryan and Jeff play cops who’ve died and come back to hunt down spirits who refuse to leave Earth. Kind of like Men In Black done with ghosts. 

But what I wonder about is the fact that while on earth, Ryan and Jeff inhabit different bodies. While Ryan looks like an older Asian man, Jeff is a hot blond chick. Here’s my question, why would a guy want to be a hot woman? The only heads he’s turning are men. If a guy wants a woman’s attention, I’d think he’d want to inhabit Ryan Reynold’s body--seriously, check out that top pic of eye candy. Just saying.


  1. LOL. I love this, Margie, and I didn't know that about the baseballs. It sounds like my husband's reasons for buying so many golf balls--you know, let's not admit that we LOST them all. :-)

  2. Thanks, Liz. I didn't know that either--but I was watching a game with my husband--okay, not really watching but I looked up a time or two--and I asked how many baseballs were used during a game and then had to find out because it was bugging me. LOL

  3. I guess he had to be a hot woman because most of his marks were men. Just a guess. I don't get the old Asian guy angle. Guess I'll have to see the movie!

  4. I don't know, Shawn, because it looks like the ghosts they're chasing are just a step down from the aliens in MIB. And as for seeing the movie, they had me at Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges. Yes, please.

  5. I love hearing other people's random thoughts. It makes you wonder who came up with the idea that if a baseball touches the dirt it is no longer viable. We are hockey fans and I'm not sure how many pucks are used in a game. I often wonder about all the spitting I see in sports. It seems like all the athletes work on who can spit the most and the farthest. What is the reason for that?