Thursday, July 25


Yesterday, Kristi wrote about her storyboards and I didn't leave a comment, because I don't really utilize them--what? have a plan? Yep, total pantser here--but also because I didn't think I had a writing trick to share.

But then last night as I was wondering what I should blog about, I thought about characterization and one thing I've been thinking about trying lately. And it has to do with magazines. People and US to be specific. 

Each of them has a column that I think could be beneficial in helping us write more-rounded characters. 

US has a celebrity-based column called 25 Things You Don't Know About Me. I think the title is pretty self-evident. A celebrity shares 25 random facts about themselves that are not well-known and usually not that important. 

On the last page of People Magazine, they have a feature called One Last Thing where a celebrity is asked five questions that have the word last in them. Last Time I Apologized. Last Time I cried. And my personal favorite, Last Moment of Bliss.

I've started collected the People questions to answer for a character some day. But today, I am going to give you some random facts about Bix in the abbreviated: 

Bixby Darwin: Ten Things You Didn't Know About Me.

1) I attended eight grades schools and four middle schools. And now, two high schools.

2) Whenever I watch Serenity, I hope this will be the time Wash doesn't die.

3) I won a red ribbon in a school fair for a Lego construction when I was seven.

4) I played video games for money and won 85.7% of the time.

5) My favorite colors are Blazer Red and Black, but mostly I wear blues and greens.

6) My earring is one of a pair, my bestfriend in Portland, Raj, has the other one.

7) Eighty degrees is the perfect temp.

8) Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets was the first novel I read by myself.

9) I learned to type with Mavis-so yes, I can really type

10) I'd like to see the Shire someday--maybe I'll meet my kin there.

Okay--just for the record--that was hard. The first few came off pretty easily, but by eight--I was really struggling. Now, it's your turn--give me some random facts about your character--maybe just five, so you don't have to spend the day pondering.

Have fun and thanks for stopping by :)


  1. I love this! However, when I started to do it, I didn't get any answers. This will require more thought!

  2. Oooh, great idea, Margie - and I LOVE those People and US features, too. :D

    Okay, are 5 things you didn't know about Monica from What a Texas Girl Dreams:

    1. a packed suitcase makes me giddier than just about anything. Ever.

    2. I hate those old spaghetti westerns - and that's practically a crime in Texas.

    3. Even though I don't like the shows, I'd still like to time travel to the Old West...

    4. I drive a truck - and I love it. But if anyone out there wants to hand over the keys to Doc Brown's DeLorean, I'll totally take them.

    5. My absolute favorite song of all time is Georgia on My Mind by Ray Charles

  3. Liz, I think mine percolated over night but it's tough--I think I might just keep a running total as they come to me :)

    Kristi--awesome job! Love yours. I'd love the keys to Doc's Delorean too.

  4. Great post, Margie! Here are five things about Ella, from my upcoming release, Ella Ever After.

    1. I always wanted a baby tiger as a pet.

    2. The most rebellious thing I've ever done as a child was dye my hair purple.

    3. I sometimes fantasize that I'm a secret agent in a far away land.

    4. My favorite movie is Talladega Nights

    5. I love to eat but can't cook.

  5. Okay, I'm trying again. This is Carol, from the book I just finally wrote "The End" on.

    1. I've been a beautician for 20 years, but I never meant for that to happen.
    2. Even though I talk a good story about being a die-hard feminist, I'm about as traditional as they come. But don't push me.
    3. I've never bought a new car because I'm scared I couldn't make the payments on it.
    4. I used to tend bar at Malone's Tavern.
    5. I'm a real watering pot--talk about embarrassing!

  6. Shawn--my favorite is number three.

    And Liz--love #5

    What I loved about all of them is that I could hear all their voices in them and it wasn't like the author telling me the list.

    Nice job, everybody!