Tuesday, July 30

Ride A Falling Star--cover reveal

Good morning!

Yesterday, I unveiled my new cover! Isn't he it pretty? I love the model portraying Levi so much! I just want to kiss his handsome face. Ha!

And I just love the girl who brings Ava to life. In this case, the models portray my characters perfectly. I searched high and low for them, let me tell you. Site after site. But then, finally, there they were!

I've been very lucky with my covers. Crimson Romance's artists are adept at bringing my characters alive, and so far, have hit it out of the park. I don't love Vaquero's cover, but I can't blame anyone but me. I bought that image. The talented Carey Doucet has brought my Black Mountain covers alive in a special way.

I like each one I their own way, but this one really came home! Thanks, Margery, for all your hard work!

Here's a bit about what's inside that gorgeous cover:

Blurb: When Las Vegas showgirl Ava Demassi witnesses a murder, she escapes by diving  into the first moving vehicle she spots—a cowboy's pickup!

Rodeo cowboy Levi Callahan is on his way to his next rodeo when a gorgeous blonde climbs into his truck, shots ringing around her. Because his fiancĂ© was stalked and murdered after the local police refused to help her, he won’t turn his back on a woman in distress.

As they cross three states, evading a crazed hit-man, can Levi save Ava?


  1. Awesome. Yes - he -- I mean it is pretty :-)

  2. WooHoo. Love the cover :)-Barb Bettis

  3. I LOVE this cover - can't wait to buy my copy!!

  4. Thanks so much, all! I'm loving the dark blue making the couple stand out!

  5. Great cover. Of course, now I've had to change the way I see Levi! :-)

  6. Love the premise of this story.

  7. Love the cover. Can't wait to read the book!